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Sex Toys Monthly

Do you like to wear handcuffs in bed? How do you feel about having a blindfold put on you? Are you the sort of person that likes to use a vibrator during sex? Most importantly of all, does your other half know? Some couples don’t talk about sex as openly as they could and consequently aren’t having sex that’s as good as it could be. That’s a crying shame with most people willing to be far more adventurous in bed than their partners realise.

One way to broach the issue and start some interesting conversations could be to get a subscriptions with Sex Toys Monthly. If you’ve never really spoken to the person you share a bed with about the sort of things you’d like to be getting up to then this will be the perfect conversation starter. If you are open and honest with each other already then this will let you take things to the next level and ensure sparks fly whenever the mood takes you.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Sex toys, games, edibles and wearables
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? £35
Do prices include postage? No - £6.50
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How Does It Work?

The clue is in the name with this one. You sign up for a monthly delivery of sex toys and you’ll keep getting them until you choose to end your subscription. You can keep your account going for as long or as short as you’d like, as long as you pay for it.

What Do You Get?

It’s difficult not to sound a bit sarcastic here, but the simple answer is 'sex toys'. If you’re hoping for a more complicated answer then that’s totally fair, but bear in the mind the simple answer covers the important information. The idea behind Sex Toys Monthly is that you’ll be able to grow your sex toy collection thanks to the choices that are made by industry experts. Given that you’ll receive about £100 worth of stuff, it’s fair to say that you’ll get a decent variety of things in your box each month.

Every box contains about five or six different things. Though the title suggests they’re 'sex toys' it might be fairer to say that they’re going to be items that will help you develop your sex life. You’ll get toys, of course, but you’ll also get edibles that might allow you and your partner to experiment with a part of sex that might not have occurred to you in the past. Similarly, sometimes you’ll get wearables, which might range from sexy underwear to objects you can strap onto yourself.

Another thing you might find in the box is a game. One of the best ways that you can explore your sexuality with each other and learn about what you both like in a harmless and disarming way is to play a game. This might be role-play or it might be something more structured. Either way, following the instructions and allowing yourself to really get into it will doubtless take you to a point of excitement that will naturally see one thing lead to another. The important thing is that you approach the box with a sense of excitement and willingness, as that’s the best way to ensure that spice up your sex life in the best way possible.


There aren’t really any options when it comes to your Sex Toys Monthly subscription, with the company taking care of everything for you. What you can do is decided whether you want to get a box that is just for a female, just for a male or for a couple to experiment with together. At the moment the box is mainly aimed at heterosexual couples, but if you’re in a same-sex relationship then you’ll still find plenty you can use for fun.

You can also let them know your sizes, which is important as you’ll doubtless be sent some sexy clothes from time to time. If you’re ordering the box to use yourself then you’ll be given the option to say that the other sex’s size isn’t relevant, but for you, you’ll be able to choose from small all the way up to plus size.


Each box is themed, so don’t be surprised when you receive different stuff every month. Expect the likes of vibrators, cock-rings, rope, spanking paddles, blindfolds, edible underwear and more. Put it this way, if you order this box you’re unlikely to be disappointed by either the quality or the variety of things you find inside it.


It costs just £35 a month for your Sex Toys Monthly box, which is impressive when you consider that you’ll be receiving over £100 worth of stuff every time you open the box. They’ll be themed along the lines of things, such as 'Fifty Shades', too. Delivery is £6.50 a month.