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Pampa Hamper

Few people would say no to a pampering session, and with Pampa Hamper you can indulge yourself in the comfort of your own home. This is a family owned and run company and is one of the latest entering the subscription market.

It aims to supply handmade luxury bath products that are suitable for vegans and do not use any products that have been tested on animals.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Luxury bath products
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? Month-by-Month: £10 per box
12-Month Subscription: £9.17 per box
Do prices include postage? No - add £2.95 per box
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Pampa Hamper Review

By Emma (Spring 2017)

Pampa Hamper Spring 2017 Box

I’m a pretty big fan of the humble bath, as being a Mum to two small children it’s one of the few times I get to pamper myself, so I was quite excited to try out the subscription service from Pampa Hamper. The box arrived via MyHermes, and I received an email notification once it had been delivered to advise me that it had been left in my safe space. Therefore I didn’t need to worry about being out when it arrived. The external packaging was study and secure, so the contents arrived safely.

First Impressions

Box Tied in Ribbon

Opening the parcel, I found a creamy-pink coloured box tied in a ribbon. The ribbon was a nice touch, as it made it seem as though I had received a little gift, making it even more appealing. Upon opening the box the first thing that struck me was the luscious smell of the bath products. The box was filled shredded wood wool to protect its contents. This is a biodegradable environmentally friendly product, and I was pleased to see the company had opted for this style of packaging rather than using foam pellets that cannot be recycled.

What I Received

I found six products in the box. There were three bath products that were loosely placed in the box, a small jar with some bath salts, a candle in a jar, and a chocolate bar. I didn’t receive any information in the box about the products, and there was no ingredient list included. Although this didn’t affect me personally, as a parent to a child with severe skin allergies, I’m acutely aware of the importance of access to this kind of information for people with skin conditions. You can access the information online by logging onto your account and looking at each item in site’s online shop, but I would have much preferred to have the information readily available within the box.

Strawberry Bath Bomb

Strawberry Bath Bomb

The strawberry bath bomb was the first product I tried. Before I used the product I was really pleased to see that it didn’t contain any large plant parts, such as leaves or petals. I know that some people love to have these in their products, and they are increasingly common in similar products from more established retailers, but for me they are pet hate, as it usually means that my nice relaxing bath is then followed by spending time scooping out pieces of plant from the plug hole.

The bath bomb dissolved quickly in the bath, and it smelled good enough to eat. I spent about half an hour enjoying a soak, and the water did feel lovely and moisturising. I have very dry skin, and I definitely noticed an improvement after the bath.

Coconut Candle

Coconut Candle

I love the smell of coconut, there is something quite calming about it, which is why I felt it was a good choice for a scented candle. The candle was packaged in a silver coloured metallic container, simply designed, so it wouldn’t look out of place on a mantelpiece or shelf. When lit, the smell was pleasant, but not too overpowering. I felt it made both a nice accompaniment to a relaxing bath, and a great freshener for any other room in the house.

Orange Bath Salts

Orange Bath Salts

Bath salts have been used for centuries to promote healing and well-being, but these days they tend to be overlooked in favour of bath bombs and melts. I regularly use bath salts to try and relieve some of the pain and tension in my back that I have from an old injury, so I was pleased to see a small pot included with the set. The orange scent was very strong, but not overpowering, and the smell certainly helped me to relax in the bath.

Chocolate Orange Bath Melt

Chocolate Orange Bath Melt

Chocolate and orange is a great combination, and this bath melt smelt divine. It definitely made my skin feel softer. However, you do need to clean the bath straight after, as I missed some and it left a residue in the bath that was hard to remove.

Mango Love Bath Bomb

Mango Love Bath Bomb

Again, I was really pleased that this product didn’t contain lots of plant pieces. It had a really pleasant smell, and I thought the heart shape made it look quite attractive, and it would be a nice piece to include in a gift set. As with the strawberry bath bomb, this did have a noticeable effect on my dry skin.

Green & Blacks Milk Chocolate Bar 35g

Green & Blacks chocolate bar

I am the first to admit to being a bit of a chocoholic, and I love the range from Green & Blacks, especially as it’s fair trade, organic, and palm oil free. Unfortunately, however, my chocolate bar was inedible. This was because the bath products that had been loosely placed in the box had come in contact with the bar, and as the bar was wrapped in foil and paper rather than cellophane, dust from the products had worked its way inside the chocolate packaging and coated the chocolate. Whilst I think the chocolate is a nice touch, I think more consideration needs to be given to how to keep any food products separate from the bath products.

Overall Impressions

I thought the quality of the products was very good, and I liked the way that the box contained a variety of products, rather than a selection of different bath bombs. However, I do think that more needs to be done to improve the packaging, particularly in relation to keeping food products separate from the bath products. I also think a list of ingredients is vital for anyone who suffers from skin allergies and conditions and that the box is let down by its absence.

How Does It Work

You register online for a monthly subscription. When you register, you can choose what date you would like payment to be taken from your bank account. You will receive your first box 1-5 days after your payment date. Thereafter you will receive one box per month.

There is no minimum contract so you can cancel at any time. Furthermore, once you have signed up for the subscription service you are given access to a special “members only” store where you can purchase additional items. This means that if you receive a product in your box that you particularly love, you can purchase more separately.

What Do You Get

You get the opportunity to indulge yourself with luxury bath products in your own home. It’s the next best thing to having a day at the spa. You will receive five or six handmade items that will invoke your senses, sooth your skin, and calm angry muscles. Some even include the occasional chocolate treat.


Previous boxes have included aromatic bath salts, fizzing bath bombs, moisturising bath creamers and melts, scented candles, and soaps. All of the products are made with natural ingredients that are free from animal products, making them suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They are also free of any products that have been tested on animals, so you can enjoy a pampering session without any guilt.


The monthly subscription service costs £10 per month, plus £2.95 per month for delivery. Alternatively, you can sign up for a 12 month subscription and receive a £10 discount, costing £110, with a £2.95 per month delivery charge.

Once you have subscribed, Pampa Hamper has an online store exclusively for members, where you can purchase additional items individually at discounted rates.

Alternatively, if you want to make a one-off purchase, there are a range of gift boxes available to buy for £15.