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Let’s be honest, for a lot of us the first image we get in our head when someone says ‘Campaign For Real Ale’ is of an older gentleman with the look of a maths teacher, complete with bushy beard and tweed jacket. The truth, however, is that the world of real ales has moved on considerably from that sort of thing with numerous companies making some genuinely exciting beers and ales that have to be tried to be believed.

Of course the reality is that we don’t all have time to go trawling through supermarkets and specialist shops to find the best real ales on the market. Trying them can be a bit of a risk if you don’t know what you’re looking for. That’s where Ales By Mail comes in. They take all of the guess work out of it and only send you ales and beers that have been tried and tested and proven to be of an exceptional quality. Whether you’re a lifelong ale drinker or just dipping your toe into the market for the first time, you can shrug off that tweed jacket and get down to the serious business of enjoying what you drink.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? A selection of craft beers from around the world
How often does it come? Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly
How much? Build-Your-Own: £17-64
US 26 Week Beer Club: £109
US 52 Week Beer Club: £209.99
Do prices include postage? No - add £6.99 per box
Sent from UK
Options The build your own box option allows you to choose by beer stregth & type, number of beers (6, 12, 15, or 24), and delivery frequency

How Does It Work?

Subscription services all work in a similar vein; you sign up to receive a specific type of goods - in this case ales - through the post - you choose how long you’d like to subscribe for or how often you’d like them to be delivered and you pay a representative amount. The whole thing continues until you choose to cancel your subscription and then you call it a day.

What Do You Get?

You get amazing craft ales and beers sent straight to your door, that’s what you get. If you like run of the mill lager, the sort that you can get from your local chain pub or buy in bulk from a supermarket then this may well not be for you. This is about high quality beer that has been taste tested to ensure it reaches the levels required to become part of the Ales By Mail family.

Quality and taste are the key ingredients for the ales and beers that you’ll be sent. Obviously, hops are important and everything, but the top-level quality of the ingredients used and the delicious taste of the end product are where the joy can be found. The beers you receive will have hand-picked to match your requirements and you will almost certainly be absolutely delighted with what you receive.


There are two main options to choose from with further options available within your initial selection. Firstly, you need to decide whether you’d like to go with one of the Pre-Made Clubs or whether you’d prefer to build your own box of beers. If you opt for the Pre-Made Club then you’ll then be asked whether you’d like to join the 26 week beer club or the 52 week one.

Should you be a little bit more prone to selecting your own beers than having someone choose them at random for you then the Build Your Own box will likely tickle your fancy. Do you prefer bottles, cans or a mixture of the two? Do you like pale ales, dark and moody beers or do you like to mix it up? How many would you like to receive? 6, 12, 15 or 24? Do you love strong ales or would you rather receive a polite, mild strength bottle? You can mix that up, too. Finally, how often do you want them delivered? Once you’ve decided all of that your case will be thrown together magically based on your preferences.


Previous boxes have included any one of the Wit, Hells, Pale and Pils from the Camden Brewery, Wild Beer Co., Moor Beer and Time & Tide efforts. There have been beers from the Bristol Beer Factory, Cotleigh Buzzrd, Sambrooks, Tiny Rebel and Discworld, from Billericay, Box Steam and Thornbridge craft beers.


The US 26 Week Beer Club works out at either two payments of £55 or a one-off payment of £109.99. The US 52 Week option is £209.99 or four payments of £52.50. Whichever option you go for there’s also postage to be paid.

The Build You Own box is where things get more complicated, price wise. The various choices you make will effect the price you’ll pay, though it will be the same regardless of whether you go for bottles, cans or a mixture of the two and whether you prefer dark or light beers or a combination. If you’d like six bottles of not too strong stuff then it will be £17, increasing to £19.04 if you’re a fan of the strong stuff and costing £18.02 if you want a mix of strengths. Twelve increases to £33, £36.96 and £34.98 respectively, whilst fifteen will cost £41, £45.92 or £43.46. Twenty-four beers will be £64 for mild strength, £71.68 for strong and £67.84 for a mixture of the two. Postage is then added on top of all options.