When many people hear the word ‘Nespresso’ they immediately picture George Clooney’s face... Sorry, got distracted there. CaféPod are able to look past the matinee idol’s devastating good looks and concentrate on what that company is really all about - great tasting coffee straight from a machine in your home. CaféPod as a company came into existence because of the lack of decent coffee pod options from Nespresso themselves (as well as the expense, if we’re being honest). The owners wanted to get decent pods at affordable prices and now they want you to be able to too.

The CaféPod journey started in 2011 and has taken them all over Europe. They’ve met other entrepreneurs, coffee roasters who they grew to trust to produce the goods, and engineers building them machines that allow them to create to pods they make today. The company is all about simplicity and if you’re a coffee lover then you’re going to want to take advantage of the business they’ve developed in order to get fresh coffee that works in your machine at home delivered straight to your door.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Coffee pods that are compatible with Nespresso machines delivered monthly
How often does it come? Every Four Weeks
How much? 40 capsules: £11.95
60 capsules: £16.95
80 capsules: £21.95
Do prices include postage? Yes
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How Does It Work?

Like pretty much any subscription service, you choose from a series of options and decide how long you would like to be subscribed for. You’ll then pay a regular fee and in return you’ll receive good delivered through your door on a regular basis until you decide that it’s not longer for you. As the more observant amongst you may have noticed from the company’s title, in this instance what you’re subscribing to is coffee pods that fit in your machine back home.

What Do You Get?


You get coffee; lovely, lovely coffee. Well, to be slightly more specific, you get coffee pods that will fit your Nespresso machine that you have in your kitchen, lounge, office or, erm, bedroom. Nespresso have a host of machines for home use, from the Umilk to the Kitchenaid via the Essence and Maestria. If you have one of their machines that is designed for use in the home, then these pods will fit them and deliver delicious coffee straight to your mug. They don’t fit integrated units or business solution machines, but you’re unlikely to have one of them in your home so don’t worry too much about that.

How many capsules you get will depend on how many you choose to subscribe for, but you can mix up the actual type of coffee as much as you like. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that the capsules come in boxes of ten so if you subscribe to receive, say, forty pods, then you will get four different flavours. Helpfully CaféPod break down the nine different flavours into strength so you know that what you’re getting will be able to tick your box depending on what time of day you like to have a cup of joe.

You can change your subscription at any time, too. That includes changing which coffees you’re getting delivered. That means that if you don’t like one of the coffees for whatever reason then you can drop it from your next order. They keep for up to twelve months, too, so you can always keep the ones you weren’t keen on and see if your tastes change further down the line. The coffees are selected by experts, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed with anything that you receive, of course.


CaféPod deliver your capsules every four weeks so the main choice you’re presented with is how many you’d like to receive. You can opt for 40, 60 or 80 capsules sent straight to you on a monthly basis. The other option you have is which flavour to go for, but we’ll tell you all about that in the next section…


As we’ve already said, the boxes have ten capsules in them. There are nine different flavours or types of coffee to choose from, starting with the most obvious: Supercharger Espresso. This coffee is labelled as having a strength value of 12, so this is for those of you that love a strong coffee to get your day started.

The Livewire Lungo has a strength level of 11, whilst the Ristretto Espresso and the Sumatra Lungo are both considered to be a 10. The Intense Lungo, meanwhile, is a bit gentler than the Livewire equivalent and comes in as a 9, as do both the Colombia and Guatemala Lungos. The Ethiopia Lungo is the gentlest of them all as it has a strength level of 8 - the same of the Decaffeinated Espresso pod.


Prices are nice and simple for the CaféPod subscription. If you’d like 40 capsules then that will cost you £11.95, 60 pods will set you back £16.95, and 80 of them will be £21.95. Don’t forget they’re delivered every four weeks, so you can change your coffee choices at any time and free delivery is included with them all.