Whittard Tea Club


Whittard is a popular UK shop known for their hot beverages with tea being their centre of focus. Whilst the company used to offer both a tea and coffee club, it seems that they've narrowed their subscription to what they are truly known for. Whilst you're still able to buy coffee, as well as speciality hot chocolates from the company, if you're looking for a subscription, it's now known as the Tea Club. 

The Tea Club is really meant for the person who loves their tea or wants to learn more about it, as each month you'll receive 3 different types of premium loose leaf teas, along with tasting cards and a few other extras.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? 3 premium loose leaf teas (20g each), free measuring scoop, and tasting cards
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? £12.95 / Month
Do prices include postage? Yes
Sent from UK
Website www.whittard.co.uk/customer/pages/teaclub

How Does It Work?

You know which of the drinks you prefer more, so all you need to do is sign up to a subscription service through Whittard and you’ll be asked to pay a regular amount to them in exchange for loose leaf tea. It's pretty simple in that you sign up for a membership and every month you'll receive a box of teas to sample, along with tasting notes. 

What Do You Get?

With the Tea Club, you'll receive three exquisite loose leaf teas chosen specifically by the company’s experts from tea growing regions throughout the world. With 130 years of experience in not only sourcing the best teas but also blending them, you can be confident that you’ll get some of the very best teas available on the market straight through your door. Each of these tea samples are 20g each, which yields about 6-8 cups of tea per tea, depending on how big your cups are!

You'll also receive a free measuring spoon and tasting cards with your loose leaf tea. These are where the really important information can be found. Where were your tea leaves grown? What should you be keeping your nose peeled for when you smell your drink? Is there something particular you might be able to taste when you take a sip? All of these questions can be answered by reading the tasting notes.


Whilst the company used to offer the option between their coffee or tea club, they now only offer a tea club, so it's pretty simple, actually. You sign up, you pay the set fee, and you'll receive tea on a monthly basis until you decide you want to opt out. 


Each box is packed with a surprise selection of loose leaf tea, so there’s no way of knowing what you’ll get from one month to the next. That said, the likelihood is that they will fit into certain categories or themes. Boxes will contain any three teas from black teas, white teas, green teas, fruit & herbal teas, yellow teas and more.


The price for a month-to-month subscription for Whittard's Tea Club is just £12.95 per month, which also includes delivery.