Cafédirect Handpicked

Cafédirect HandpickedCafédirect Handpicked is a coffee subscription services that wants to help you fall in love with fresh coffee by introducing you to small farmers around the globe who grow adventurous and rare coffee beans.

You can either choose the type of beans you typically enjoy or select the plan that allows you to try different coffees from around the globe - all of which are freshly roasted right before they are sent to your doorstep. 

Cafédirect Handpicked makes the perfect gift for that coffee lover in your life or is a great way for you to try different coffees that you would not be able to find in your local market.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? A freshly roasted 250g bag (20-25 cups) of coffee sourced from around the world
How often does it come? Once per month
How much? One Month - £7.95
Three Months - £23.40
Six Months - £44.70
Twelve Months - £83.40
Do prices include postage? Yes
Sent from UK
Options Choice between filter and espresso / ground and whole bean

How Does It Work?

You can subscribe to a monthly subscription, a 6 month option or a 12 month plan. You’ll then get a selection of coffee delivered straight to your door once a month – normally on or around the 14th.

What Do You Get?

Each and every month you will receive a box that the company claim is slimline enough to fit through 95% of letter boxes. Inside said box there will be a 250 gram bag of coffee – a sufficient amount to make 20-25 cups of gourmet coffee.

As well as the coffee beans you’ll also receive a booklet that explains where the coffee comes from and some tasting notes from the Cafédirect Handpicked experts. They’ll also stick a little something special in the box from time-to-time, too, just to keep you entertained.


Cafédirect Handpicked offer two different plans from the outset; the Discovery Plan and the Destination Plan. The Discovery Plan promises to introduce you to a different coffee every month. More than that, the coffees will come from a new country of origin every time, meaning you’ll be taken on a global journey. You can choose from filter or espresso coffee and whole or ground beans on the Discovery Plan.

The Destination Plan is more about you choosing the specific type of coffee that you prefer and going from there. You can choose Bright & Aromatic beans, House Decaf, House Espresso or Rich & Chocolatey coffee selections. Once you’ve chosen the type of coffee you like the most you can then opt for either ground or whole beans.


The Destination Plan is about regularity, so you’ll get the same coffee each time. If you go for the Bright & Aromatic selection then you’ll get beans from Leon Cortes, an area renowned for quality coffee. The House Decaf will see you receive beans produced by the Norandino cooperative in Peru, whilst the House Espresso will vary each month depending on the season. Finally, the Rich & Chocolatey variation features coffee beans grown on the Finca Altos de Erapuca farm in Honduras.

The Discovery Plan is all about variety with no two months featuring the same type of coffee. You can choose filtered whole beans, espresso ground beans, filtered ground or espresso whole bean variety of coffee. If you go for this package then you’ll travel the world one cup after the other.


Cafédirect Handpicked offer you coffee on a monthly basis with a different price depending on how long you sign up for. Go for a one-month package and you’ll pay £7.95 per month until you opt to cancel. Three months will cost you £23.40, which works out as £7.80 per month. The six-month package comes out at £44.70, which amounts to £7.45 per month. Meanwhile, the twelve-month deal will set you back £83.40 in total, which is £6.95 a month when broken down.

If you know you will want a year’s worth of coffee then the 12 month offer works out the best and those prices are the same on both the Discovery and Destination plans. You can cancel the rolling subscription before the 2nd of the month, whilst the six and twelve month subscriptions can’t be cancelled but can be transferred to someone else.