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The Gin Crowd

Gin and tonic remains a classic and well-loved beverage throughout the United Kingdom, so for that reason The Gin Crowd have set up a subscription service to send you craft gin every month.

The company offers a monthly subscription that includes three different kinds of craft gins along with their tasting notes with the option to subscribe monthly, for 3 months, 6 months, or for the entire year. The website also has a small store where you can buy unique products, such as table lamp made from a gin bottle.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Three 50ml craft gins with tasting notes
How often does it come? Once per month
How much? One Month - £17
Three Months - £48
Six Months - £90
Twelve Months - £168
Do prices include postage? Yes
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How Does It Work?

The Gin Crowd loves gin and they want you to do so too. They want you to sample quality gins that you might not be able to afford to buy otherwise. All you need to do is sign up for the company’s subscription service and you’ll then be sent different bottles of gin to sample.

What Do You Get?

You get three different 50 ml bottle of gin sent through your door a month. It’s not just any gin, though, it’s specially curated craft gin, chosen by The Gin Crowd’s expert tasters, Rob and Dan. As well as the gins, you’ll also get tasting notes from the company to help you learn all about the gins and become a craft gin expert in no time at all.


There aren’t really many options to speak of, as The Gin Crowd curates all of the craft gins for you and sticks them in the post. There’s no need to go through a complicated selection process, you don’t need to tell the company anything about you or even what sort of gins you like. You’ll just get some of the best craft gins available today on a monthly basis.


The gins are selected based on the time of year it is, any emerging trends that are sweeping the country and the taste, obviously! Though gin is typically made from the juniper berry, craft gins can have plenty of different botanical bases in their flavouring.

Made in West Wales and launched in 2014, Dà Mhìle Seaweed Gin is a unique take on the world of gin. Infused with seaweed and grown on a farm that includes coriander, elderflower, gorse and clover, so it’s far to say this will have a flavour you won’t have sampled before! That’s the sort of thing you can expect to receive from The Gin Club – unusual gins that you won’t be able to stop drinking!


If you want to sign up for a month to month rolling subscription then that will set you back £15 a month for the three 50 ml bottles of gin. If you’d rather pay for six months worth of gun up front then that will be £85, which works out as around £14.17 per month. Alternatively you can pay for a twelve month subscription up front and that will be £160, or around £13.30 per month.

Obviously, if you can see yourself wanting to enjoy your craft gins for a year or more than the twelve month subscription makes the most sense, but whichever option you choose to go for you’ll find that postage and packing is included in the price.