Abel & Cole


Abel & Cole are possibly *the* name when it comes to food subscription serves delivered straight to your door. As one of the market leaders in the gastronomical goods world they offer a huge amount of choice for your kitchen and cooking needs.

As well as regular recipe boxes they also offer so much more, delivering what you need for a good and healthy lifestyle. They pride themselves on doing things the ‘right’ way, too. That means organic fruit and veg, high welfare meat, sustainably sourced fish, and unhomogenised organic milk from a farmer that they pay a fair price to.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Recipes with fresh ingredients to make meals, meat & fish, fruit & vegetables, salad, juicing, & snacking boxes
How often does it come? Weekly
How much? Recipe Boxes - £36-42
Meat & Fish Boxes - £14.50-30
Fruit & Veg Boxes - £11.50-27.50
Juicing Boxes - £6-16.50
Do prices include postage? No - add £1.25
Sent from UK
Options The company offers over 20 different boxes to choose from
Website www.abelandcole.co.uk

How Does It Work?

You choose which package your keen on receiving, how often you’d like to receive it and how big you would like it to be and Abel & Cole do the rest. You pay a set fee at a set time and in return you get regular deliveries of goods until you no longer want to.

What Do You Get?

What do you want? The available products aren’t endless, exactly, but they’re pretty close. You can choose boxes that only contain fruit and vegetables, if that’s what takes your fancy, or you can opt for recipe boxes that contain all of the ingredients you need to cook an amazing meal for a set number of people.

Perhaps you’re one of the people who has been swept up in the juicing craze and want to receive ingredients for a delicious homemade juice? They can sort that for you. There are salad and snacking boxes available, meat and fish boxes, and pretty much everything in between.

A good way of thinking about your Abel & Cole subscription is as though your local greengrocers are able to deliver whatever you might want. They’re like a supermarket delivery but with completely fresh, organic and responsibly sourced goods guaranteed every time. There’s very little in the ‘food world’ that they’re not able to send through to you.


The options really are numerous. From a subscription box point of view, you might want to consider the fruit and veg box. This does largely what it says on the tin, though there are more choices within the fruit and veg bracket. There are everyday easy boxes, a box for a keen cook, a super speedy box, and a box aimed squarely at the salad lover.

If you consider yourself to be more of a carnivore, then you’ll be looking at the meat and fish boxes, offering a selection of different options. There are just meat, just fish, a combination of both, a roast dinner kit, and a whole roast kit. Perfect if you like to eat fresh and delicious fare that isn’t all that suitable for vegetarians.

There are super salad boxes, super juicing boxes, boxes for those who prefer green juicing, snack boxes for the more peckish amongst you and seasonal boxes for making juices and smoothies. Finally there are recipe boxes, from simple recipes through to veggie recipes and recipes for real ‘foodies’.


Every month offers something different and on top of that you’ve then got the various options that also promise variety from themselves and each other. There’s simply too much to give you examples from everything, but we’ll tell you about some of the different boxes. The simple recipe box, for example, has in the past, contained everything you need to cook a mojito chicken with nectarine salsa; The veggie recipe box had the ingredients for a carrot and almond kibbeh; The fruit and veg boxes tend to contain seasonal offerings for the time of year they’re sent out, whilst the fish and meat box has previously contained chicken legs, the mix necessary to make a fish pie, and gammon steaks.


Prices vary pretty widely depending on the option you’ve chosen. The fish and meat boxes, for example, vary in price from as little as £14.50 up to £30, depending on the one you choose. Similarly, fruit and veg boxes vary from £11.50 to £27.50. 

If it’s juicing that you’re keen on then there are options aplenty there, too. If you're just after fresh carrots, you'll just pay £6, but if you want the super juicing box filled with fruits and vegetables, it's £16.50 with everything in between. Finally, the recipe boxes range from £36 for a simple box for two, through to £42 for a box for two foodies, giving you three meals per week. You don’t have to order a box every single week if you don’t want to, but there is a minimum order value of £12.50, and a delivery fee of £1.25.