Bonjour French Food

Bonjour French Food

This subscription box falls squarely into the category of ‘does what it says on the tin’. Curated by two people called Véronique and Julien, it is aimed at lovers of French cuisine who want to enjoy Parisian delights and more in the comfort of their own home.

There has long been a snobbish rivalry between the French and the English over our various gastronomical delights, with some English people referring to our friends from across the English Channel as ‘frogs’. Meanwhile the French have been known to refer to us as ‘le rosbeef’, or ‘the roast beef’. Now you can find out which country’s food suits you the best.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Foodstuffs and gastronomical delights with a distinctly French feel
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? One Month - £33
Three Months - £89
Do prices include postage? Yes
Sent from France
Options There are non-subscription boxes available for vegetarians, gluten-free customers, etc.

How Does It Work?

Subscription boxes are easy enough to understand: You sign up to receive goods from a given company and you pay however much the company asks for. You continue to pay and receive those goods until you no longer want them and cancel your subscription. In this case it’s all about the French food and drink sent to you from suppliers through Bonjour French Food.

What Do You Get?

The company want to make it clear that the main box is a ‘surprise’. That means there’s no knowing what will turn up from one month to the next, but it’s a safe bet that your box will contain food and drink with a distinctly French feel to it. There are other boxes available that do follow a specific theme, but they are one-offs rather than available for subscription.

With the main ‘surprise’ subscription box you will get between five and seven products of French origin. It’s reasonably fair for you to assume that these will be things like cheese, charcuterie, meats and other foodstuffs.

As well as the food you also get a twelve page magazine written in both English and French. This tells you all about the products you’ve been sent; whether that be the regions they are from or the producers who made them. There are also recipe ideas inside and information about France, should you be planning a visit there any time soon!


As far as the main ‘surprise’ box is concerned, the only option you are presented with is how long you’d like to have a subscription for. If you’d just like it for one month to give it a try then that’s fine, with the company referring to it is as a ‘give it a try’ box. If you would prefer then you can opt for either a three month or a six month pre-paid subscription.

If you don’t particularly like the idea of a ‘surprise’ box, perhaps because you’re a vegetarian or you have allergies, then you might want to consider one of the company’s other pre-selected boxes. These aren’t available for subscription, but can be ordered regularly if you’d like. There’s the Cool Raoul veggie hamper, the C’est bon Gaston ‘aperitif’ hamper and the ‘Gourmande Armande’ gluten-free option.


Bonjour French Food work with a number of well-known French gastronomy brands, as well as a number of smaller, private companies and suppliers. In the past they’ve sent out gifts from companies such as Maison Papillon, Oliverie des Baronnies, Maison Tirel, Maison Marc, Comtesse du Barry, le Comptoir de Mathilde, Ducs de Gascogne, le Manor Alexandre, Marlette, Favois, and more. The company chooses brands that they know and love and believe you will come to love too. They opt for producers that prioritise quality over quantity and who have a traditional story behind them.

As far as specific products are concerned you can expect things like croquets from Provence, black pepper jelly, terrine, pumpkin cream with wild garlic, bread baking mixes, French chocolate cocoa powder, duck in orange sauce, honey with black truffle, foie gras, scallop rillettes, macarons, wild boar saucisson, and more.


For the ‘give it a try’ box you’ll be asked to spend £33 per month. If you’d rather pay up front for the three-month subscription then that will set you back £89, or £29.66 per month when you break it down. All of the options include free delivery to Europe, too, so that’s not an added expense that you need to worry about including when you’re working out your finances.