BoroughBox Discovery Club

BoroughBox Discovery Club

The Discovery Club section of BoroughBox is aimed at helping people discover interesting artisan foods and things to enjoy in the kitchen. It is a ‘foodies’ paradise, filled with snacks and the materials necessary to cook delicious meals.

Plenty of companies offer food subscription boxes, of course, but what sets BoroughBox apart is their ability to deliver something a bit different. This isn’t about sending you your meat and two veg to cook your nightly meal. It’s about introducing you to foodstuffs you might not have tasted before from producers you may never have heard of.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Artisanal foodstuffs from independent producers
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? One Month - £34.99
Three Months - £99.99
Six Months - £189.99
Do prices include postage? Yes
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How Does It Work?

Subscription boxes are an easy enough concept to understand. It’s not different to a subscription to a magazine or a gym, for example. You’re paying money regularly in exchange for a regularly supply of goods or services. It just so happens that in this instance the goods are artisanal foods that you get to eat or share with people.

In the case of the BoroughBox Discovery Club you choose how long you’d like to you’d like to sign up for, give your delivery information and your payment details and then you receive a box filled with goodies until you no longer want to receive anything. It’s that simple.

What Do You Get?

What you get differs from month-to-month. The inspiration for the BoroughBox Discovery Club subscription box comes from the streets of Borough. The London suburb has long been known for its love of different foods and drink. There’s a world famous market not far from Borough tube, as well as a huge amount of restaurants on the South Bank.

The inspiration is only half the story, though. Like most inspirations it was used as the starting point for the whole experience rather than the end game. They want to introduce you to products produced by companies throughout the country, not just from London. So, every month you’ll be sent interesting and intriguing things made by independent businesses from across the UK.

It’s not just about the mainstream things like meat and crisps, either. It is, as the company’s title suggests, about ‘discovering’ new things you might not be able to get in the supermarket. So, expect some oils infused with various herbs, for example, or crumbly cheeses. Maybe you’re a fan of slightly ‘different’ soft drinks, in which case the vintage cordials that get sent out from time to time might appeal.


There aren’t really any options, to be perfectly honest. You don’t get to tell them what sort of stuff you like and you can’t, for the moment at least, even tell them about allergies you’ve got. They are careful to make sure that all of the products are very clearly labelled and the product notes give you even more information, but you can’t say ‘no nuts’ or anything like that.

The one thing you do have an option over is how long you sign up for. As is often the case the longer you sign up for the more you save. The options available to you are a one month rolling contract, a three month contract that renews at the end of the period or a six month contract that does the same thing.


Previous Discovery Club boxes from BoroughBox have included hand pressed farm juices from Chegworth Valley, organic cereals from Mini Magoos, olive oils infused with chilli or basil, as well as balsamic vinegar from The Olive Oil Co., Pitta Chips from Soffle’s, Quinola based superfoods from Loyola’s and vintage cordials from Mr. Fitzpatrick’s. There have also been biscuits from Ship’s, artisan fudge and cheese from numerous small, independent farms and producers. All of the options are from select artisanal places that promise quality over quantity.


The pricing structure for the BoroughBox Discovery Club subscription is easy enough to understand. If you opt for the month-to-month rolling contract then you’ll pay £34.99 per month for the pleasure. A three-month contract that auto-renews at its end would cost £99.99 in total, which works out as £33.33 per month, saving you £19.92 per year. Finally, the six month contract that also auto-renews upon its completion would cost £189.99, or £31.66 per month. That offers a yearly saving of £39.90 when compared to the one month rolling offer.