"Making home cooking easy!" is the company’s raison d’être, supplying people with top quality ingredients, as well as information about how to cook said ingredients so that you can make delicious meals at home.

The company has a selection of inventive recipes available to view online, so you know exactly what you'll be eating and they even recently teamed up with celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, so you know the company must be good. In addition to the regular box choices, there's also a veggie box with a good assortment of interesting vegetarian recipes, as well as family boxes that feed 2 adults and up to 2 or 3 children.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Recipes cards and all the fresh ingredients to create healthy, creative meals
How often does it come? Once per week
How much? Classic Box (2, 3 or 4 people) - £34.99-58.99 (3-5 recipes)
Rapid Box (2 or 4 people) - £34.99-41.99 (3 or 4 recipes)
Family Box (4 people) - £53.99 (3 recipes) / £63.99 (4 recipes)
Do prices include postage? Yes
Sent from UK
Options Choose how many meals you'd like to receive each week and for how many people
Website www.hellofresh.co.uk

How Does It Work?

Starting with the premise that everyone can create ‘fun and delicious dishes’ as long as they are shown how, the HelloFresh team come up with new recipes for tasty, nutritious and easy to cook meals on a weekly basis. You receive the recipes and ingredients in the post, meaning that the only thing you need to do is chuck it all together, cook it and eat it.

They not only supply the ingredients but they also send you photos of how you’re supposed to prepare things. It means that even the most novice of home chefs can see what they need to do in order to make a delicious meal.

What Do You Get?

The clue to HelloFresh’s contents is in the name. You’ll receive fresh ingredients that have been found locally, meaning that you know you’re getting quality, as well as quantity. The beauty of the system is that there’s no real waste in the goods you receive. You’ll get the exact quantity of ingredients you need to cook your meal and nothing more.

The HelloFresh team believe that good food should not only be for the rich. That’s why they get to know their suppliers really well, picking up fish from the guy who supplies the Queen, meat from a family butchers, and seasonal veg fresh straight from the ground.


The company offers three different options when it comes to their subscription boxes. You can opt for the Classic Box (which is also available for vegetarians), the Family Box or the Rapid Box for those that want to make a meal in 20-minutes or less. They come with the exact amount of food you’ll need to feed anywhere from 2 to 4 people with somewhere in the region of 3 to 5 recipes a week, depending on which box you opt for.


From jerk pork with coconut tomato rice and beans through to cheesy tomato, chorizo and mozzarella orzo risotto, there are recipes that are likely to get the taste buds of even the most old-school eater tingling. How about the Vietnamese Roaming Roosters Steak and Lemongrass Stir-Fry? It has a cooking time of 20-minutes and is mouth-watering.

Not everyone loves meat, so you can also opt for the vegetarian Classic box. Recipes, such as a Lentil and Vegetable Hotpot with a Cheese and Potato Topping come with this option and will take you about 45-minutes to prepare and cook with new recipes being added every week!


The price for HelloFresh to deliver ingredients straight to your door differs depending on which box you go for and how many people you’re looking to feed. You can get three meals per week for two people for £34.99, for example. Three vegetarian meals per week for four people will set you back £58.99.

But what if you like to eat meat but have to feed a whole family? What price will you have to pay? If you want four meals per week for a family of four people, then that will cost you £63.99, or just under £4 per meal. In our opinion, this is a wondeful deal and you needn't worry about running to the shop after a busy day in the office and the meals are marketed to be quite nutritious to ensure your family is getting all of the nutrients they need. 

All of the box prices include delivery and VAT, so you don’t need to worry about any hidden extras.