Lick My Dip


When most people think about food they think about the ingredients, the preparation time, the specifics. You might have chosen to order a particular type of meat or you may be the sort of person who likes a certain side dish. How many people give enough time and thought to what hot sauce they’re going to have with their dinner?

The people behind Like My Dip would say, ‘Not enough!’ That’s why they set up the company, in order to give folks the chance to try new and interesting things on a regular basis. It’s not just sauces, either. There are condiments and other treats for you to get your tongue around, too.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Hot sauce, as well as spicy & fiery condiments, marinades, rubs, snacks, and confectionary
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? Ultimate Box:
One Month - £24.99
Three Months - £74.58
Six Months - £148.44
Twelve Months - £291.48

Taste Box:
One Month - £12.99
Three Months - £38.58
Six Months - £76.44
Twelve Months - £149.88
Do prices include postage? Yes
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How Does It Work?

You sign up for a specific period of time, pay a regular amount of money and in exchange Lick My Dip send you fiery and spicy sauces every month until you decide that you don’t want to receive them any more and cancel your membership.

What Do You Get?

Sauces, is the obvious answer. Premium hot sauces to be more specific. Not just sauces, though. Sauce is the starting point but it’s about so much more than that. The box also contains a whole host of spice-based treats for your enjoyment. You’ll be sent a consistently rotating selection of things to get the taste buds tingling.

Perhaps you’re a snack eater, for example. In that case you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll get spicy snacks through with your sauces. There are chilli-based confectionary for your delectation, too. Lick My Dip have also been known to send out spicy drinks, so if you think that the other things in your basket aren’t fiery enough then you could always try to quench your thirst with one of them.

Are you the sort of person that likes to rub your meat with spices? Or use a marinade to add some extra flavouring to your meals? Both of those come in the Lick My Dip subscription box, so you’ll be able to put together a meal that will blow your head off, metaphorically speaking.


There are two main options for you to choose from when it comes to Lick My Dip’s subscription box service. The first is the ULTIMATE Box. This is the one that is crammed full of all of the goodies we mentioned before. It contains the sauces, the snacks, spicy mayonnaises, and more.

The other option is the TASTE Box. This is, as the name suggests, a smaller box that gives you a sample of the things you’d otherwise find in the ULTIMATE Box. You’ll get one hot sauce and a couple of treats that will be in the bigger box, just to give you a taster of what’s available. Whichever you opt for, the products inside the box are top-quality, made as they are by small batch suppliers with premium ingredients. It’s a cut above the sort of thing you’d get in the supermarket.


Variety is the spice of life, as they say, so spicy variety must be even better. That’s why the boxes contain different things from one month to the next, so there’s no guaranteeing what you’ll get sent. That said, we can look at previous boxes to give us a clue about what might get sent out to you.

The ULTIMATE Box in May of 2015 featured Voodoo Mango sauce from Angus & Oink, Salted Caramel and Fudge Nage Chilli Chocolate by Dr. Burnorium, Dried Ghost Chilli Flakes and a kit to grow-your-own supoerhot Carolina Reaper. The box sent out in August of the same year contained Dr. Burnorium’s Roasted Garlic Ghost sauce, Daddy Cool’s Superhot Nuts, Mello Mallo spicy marshmallows, and dried firecracker sequin chilies.


The ULTIMATE Box costs £24.99 for a one-month rolling contract, a three-month contract costs £74.58, which is £24.86 per box paid upfront and the six-month contract is £148.44 paid up front, which works out as £24.74 per month. There’s also a twelve-month offer that is £291.48 up front, which is £24.29 every month when broken down.

If you only want the taste box then that works in the same way, with the one-month deal being £12.99 per month, the three-month offer is £38.58, breaking down to £12.86 per month. The six-month deal is £76.44 and that breaks down to £12.74 per month. Finally the twelve-month contract is £149.88, which is £12.49 per month. All of the prices include delivery fees.