Riverford send you seasonal organic vegetables in boxes on a regular basis. They’re not just about veg though, so you can also get meat and fruit boxes sent too, as well as recipe boxes, which include the ingredients to make 2 or 3 wholesome meals.

The Riverford farm crew specialise in healthy and organic foods delivered straight to your door and they work in association with local farms to make that happen. The website also offers a farm shop where you can buy delicious pies, pastries, and tarts, deli meats, condiments, chocolates, and much more.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Recipe boxes, salad boxes, fruit boxes, meat boxes, vegetable boxes, meat & veg boxes
How often does it come? Once per month
How much? Recipe Boxes: £24.95-39.95
Salad Boxes: £7.25-20.95
Fruit Boxes: £4.65-23.95
Meat Boxes: £32.95-79.50
Vegetable Boxes: £10.35-20.95
Meat & Veg Boxes: £27.90-50.10
Do prices include postage? Yes
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Website www.riverford.co.uk

How Does It Work?

You can actually get a lot of different stuff through Riverford. They don’t just offer a subscription box like other companies, delivering different things week-in week-out. Rather it’s about ordering whatever food you think is right for you on a weekly basis, changing or cancelling your orders as needs be.

The whole thing works in a rather simple way. You choose to order either a recipe box or a box filled with content. If you opt for a recipe box then you will receive the ingre-dients for a given number of recipes as well as the instructions on how to cook them. If you opt for one of the content box then you’ll literally receive a box full of foodstuff. You can cancel and change orders up until 8pm two days before your box is due to be delivered.

What Do You Get?

What you get really depends on what you order. From recipe boxes through to content boxes by way of a shop that will sell you any individual item you want, there’s little that you can’t get from Riverford get in an organic food sense.

If you opt for a recipe box then you’ll get all of the things you need to create a home-cooked meal full of fresh, seasonal organic products as well as step-by-step rec-ipe cards. The company sends you the exact amount of food you need for each reci-pe.

Should you choose to order a box filled with content then you’ll receive a selection of vegetables that changes depending on what time of year it is, what farm you’re or-dering from and how big your box is. Carrots, onions and potatoes tend to be a pretty stock selection of the veg they’ll send you.


There are a huge amount of options for your consumption through Riverford. There are recipe boxes that are aimed specifically at vegetarians, as well as content boxes that will feed a big family for a week. There are boxes that only contain vegetables as well as others that contain meat and veg.

With both the vegetable and the fruit boxes you can opt to receive a box with less roots if you’d like. That’ll stop you from getting too many things like potatoes. The company of-fers differently sized boxes depending on how many people you’re looking to feed. There are also boxes that only contain meat, should you prefer to buy your vegetables from an al-ternate source.


If you order a recipe box then you’ll get a specific recipe and the ingredients that are needed to cook it. Previous examples on this front includes things like ‘Parsnips Molly Par-kin Style’, ‘Chorizo & Spring Green Pasta’ and ‘Lamb Leg Steak’.

The vegetable boxes feature different contents depending on how large the box is that you’ve ordered, whether or not you’ve gone for the ‘Original’ or ‘Less Roots’ varia-tion and whether you’ve chosen any additional extras, such as fruit or meat.

Medium Veg Box - Original

Typically your vegetable box will feature common staples like potatoes, onions and carrots. It will then be supplemented by more seasonally appropriate veg like sa-voy cabbage, aubergine or butternut squash. The fruit boxes normally contain the likes of apples, bananas, pineapples, clementines and more.

The meat boxes normally contain at least one full piece of meat like a whole chick-en with other fun extras depending on how big a box you opt for. Rump steaks, sau-sages and lamb chops have all been known to feature in a meat box. You can also order a vegetable box with additional meat, should you wish to get the best of both worlds.


The price you’ll pay for your box depends entirely on which one you opt for, with a small original veg box costing £10.35 at the time of writing and a bumper veg box set-ting you back nearly double that at £20.45. It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that the small box will supply you with 6 different vegetables whilst the bumper one will see you receive 21 different vegetable options.

An original small fruit & veg box will set you back £12.95, whilst a large one would be £18.65. It’s worth noting that there is a difference in price between the original box and the box with less roots in it. It’s not a huge difference, but keep an eye out.

The most expensive box you can buy from Riverford is the large meat box. This will set you back £79.50, which seems like quite a chunk of money until you remember that you’re buying top quality, organically raised meats that you’re unlikely to be able to buy for a similar price in your local supermarket.

If you’re keener on receiving a recipe box that is filled with everything you need to make a meal then here are the sorts of prices you’ll be expected to pay in exchange. The vegetarian 3 meal box for two people would be £33.95, whilst the original 3 meal box for the same number of people would be £39.95. The 2 meal original box for two people is £29.95 and the 3 quick meal box for two people is £39.95. All of those prices are correct at the time of writing.