Simply Cook


Every now and again we all need a hand in the kitchen. Maybe you’re trying to impress a hot date; perhaps you’ve got the boss coming over and are really hoping to snag that promotion that you’ve been hinting at for months; Are the in-laws coming round, with the father-in-law always quick to criticise whatever you put on his plate?

Simply Cook aim to make cooking simple, taking away the stress from the kitchen to ensure that your evening goes swimmingly, no matter who it is that you’re cooking for. The beauty is that you don’t even need to be cooking for a special occasion to get the most out of a Simply Cook subscription. It’s ideal for everyone, from beginners wondering where to start through to more season chefs who are looking for a way to expand they culinary repertoire.

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At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Four easy-to-follow 15-min recipes with herbs & spices included. Just add fresh ingredients. Feeds 2-3 people.
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? £8.99 per box
Do prices include postage? Yes
Sent from UK
Options Choose from a box for vegetarians, a gluten-free box, boxes for meals under 600 calories, or just the standard box for those without any dietary requirements.

How Does It Work?

The method behind a Simply Cook subscription is actually remarkably easy. The company make easy-to-follow, exciting recipes that are ready to be sent out to you on a regularly basis. You sign up for their subscription service and receive said recipes, paying a set amount of money in exchange. When you decide you’ve had enough you simply cancel your subscription.

What Do You Get?

You get nice and simple recipes that you can cook up in no time. These aren’t just thrown together by people who don’t know any better, though. These are recipes that have been created via the inspiration of over fifty different chefs. They use authentic ingredients and favours that have been hand-picked and especially blended by Simply Cook’s in-house chefs. These are global recipes, taken from around the world and delivered straight to your door.

You need to add fresh ingredients that you’ve bought yourself, but this is normally limited to between four and six different items. The pack you are sent through by Simply Cook is more than just a random selection of herbs and spices, however! You’ll get unique recipes made up of as many as eighteen different ingredients, including pastes, infused oils, rubs for meets, garnishes and stocks.

Each box contains four different recipe kits that are designed to serve between two and three people. One of the key things you may be interested to know is that you can alert Simply Cook to any dietary requirements you may have and they’ll alter the box you’re sent accordingly. Vitally important if you’re allergic to certain things or you’re on a diet!


The main options you’ll have to choose from when you’re placing your order are the ones we’ve just mentioned - dietary requirements. Are you on a diet that requires you to watch your calorie intake? The ‘Meals Under 600 Calories’ option is the one for you. What about those of you that need to eat Gluten Free Meals? Simply Cook have got you covered. Are you a vegetarian? There are Vegetarian Meals available. Obviously, there are also boxes for those of you with no dietary requirements whatsoever, so fear not! If you’re concerned about one of the recipes you’re being sent then you change it easily enough through your Simply Cook account, too.


Previous boxes have included recipes for dishes such as Bokkeumbap, a Korean stir-fried rice dish using cabbage and spring onion. Maybe you’d prefer the BBQ tandoori chicken recipe with sweet potato wedges. Or perhaps a Thai red prawn curry is more up your street. For those of you watching your waistline you might like to know that the Churrasco chicken recipe with a Portuguese style marinade comes in at around 540 calories. Equally, the classic Jamaican dish of Jerk chicken with rice and peas has just 600 calories to its name.

If you’re more interested in the Gluten Free box then the Jambalaya might get your taste buds tingling. This classic dish from Louisiana can be made with chicken, prawns or chorizo. The Malaysian Laksa is a chicken and coconut noodle soup with ginger, garlic and lime. Finally, Vegetarian boxes have previously included the recipes for a fantastic Iranian vegetable stew, a spinach and paneer curry and a wild mushroom penne pasta dish.


The Simply Cook boxes are just £8.99 no matter which dietary requirement you need. That means that it’s between £3 and £6 per person once you’ve added the fresh ingredients to your shopping trolley, depending on where it is that you buy your fresh produce! Postage and packaging is free, too.