Vegan Treat Box


Being a vegan is, so often, a lifestyle choice. It’s a way of living that its exponents believe in thoroughly. Vegan Town is an independent business that is run according to the choices made by vegans the world over. They only stock vegan products and everything the company does is about helping animals live a better life.

Living a vegan lifestyle takes an extreme commitment. It’s not just about avoiding meat and dairy, but also ensuring that no eggs, gelatine and more, is used in any given product. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s about guaranteeing that no animals were hurt testing products out. Vegan Town's Vegan Treat Box aims to help you out with one specific area: vegan treats!

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? 10-14 Vegan sweets and treats
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? £20 per month
Do prices include postage? Yes (However, you must pay £3.95 for delivery of the 1st box only)
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How Does It Work?

Just because being vegan can be a complicated affair doesn’t mean your Vegan Town subscription has to be. You sign up to receive a box of treats every month and you pay a regular amount of money for the pleasure. That continues to be the quid-pro-quo of the situation until you decide you no longer want to receive your vegan goodies. It’s that simple.

What Do You Get?

Every month you receive a box crammed full of vegan treats. Now even the staunchest of advocates of a vegan lifestyle would be the first to admit that the food options open to them haven’t always been the best. The idea of putting the words ‘vegan’ and ‘treat’ in the same sentence would have seemed laughable even five years or so ago.

Thankfully, times have changed and vegan food has come a long way over the past few years. The increase in awareness of allergies of such things as peanuts and gluten has meant that companies have had to become a lot more intelligent in how they develop their products. A trip to any major supermarket will show you rows of goods that are ‘dairy free’, ‘gelatine free’, ‘gluten free’, and more. There are now a vast array of excellent products available to people who would like to live an alternative lifestyle and vegans are reaping the benefits.

What you get is the best of the best of vegan treats. Boxes contain between ten and fourteen different products, each helping you to indulge your sweet tooth. You’ll have biscuits, chocolates and sweets at your disposal that you can eat guilt free - or at least as far as where they’ve come from is concerned, we can promise nothing about you feeling guilty because of the calories! All of the treats that get sent to you in your subscription box are available from Vegan Town’s store, too, so if you are really impressed by something then you can order it again and again.


As far as the subscription box is concerned there’s only really one option available to you. The company’s ‘Surprise Vegan Treat Box’ is the only one that you can subscribe to be delivered on a regular basis. If you’d like a bigger box containing more treats then you can get one delivered without an issue, but you can’t subscribe once and then forget about it until it arrives to you every month. If you want a large box of treats on a monthly basis then you’ll have to remember to go on to the website and order it every month.

The main Vegan Treat Box can be delivered anywhere in the UK, though, so that’s the one that you’ll be receiving if you sign up for a regular subscription. If you live in Europe and would like a box that’s not a problem, they deliver to mainland Europe too.


Past boxes have contained treats such as a bunny comb bar by Mini Moos, dairy free choco covered Crunch Bites, Wagon Wheel style ‘cakes’ from Round Up, dairy free chocolate buttons, an almond slated caramel bar by Booja Boo, Sesame Snaps, choco cream biscuits, milkless iChoc chocolate bars and Fair Trade hazelnut bars. In short, vegan variations on popular snacks, chocolate bars and treats.


The box delivered to the UK costs £20 per month, whilst the European box is £25. In both instances you only have to pay for delivery on your first order and it is covered automatically on all of your future deliveries for as long as your subscription lasts. Delivery is £3.95 for the UK and a £10 flat rate for Europe.