Wine is a funny thing when you think about it. Unlike some other things, the very best in the wine industry is not mass-produced and consumed by millions of people. Instead, the sort of wine that you’ll find in the supermarket is, generally speaking, just ‘ok’. The very best vintages are saved for collectors or the world’s best restaurants.

That’s where Vinoa comes in. The company doesn’t claim to be able to offer you rare and ludicrously expensive wines, but what it can do is introduce you to artisanal wines that you almost certainly wouldn’t be able to get from anywhere else. They work with winemakers from across the globe to allow you to taste wines normally reserved for the best restaurants in town.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? A selection of 6 small bottles of wine to sample (contains the equivalent of one large glass of wine in each bottle)
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? £29.70 - Monthly
Do prices include postage? Yes
Sent from UK
Options Choice of red wine, white wine, or a mixed selection

How Does It Work?

Subscription services tend to have a very specific method to their madness. You sign up for a period of time that can range from one week to a year or more and you pay a regular amount of money for that period. In return you receive a product or service from the company you’ve signed up to. As far as Vinoa is concerned the goods that you get are small bottles of wine for your enjoyment.

What Do You Get?

You get wines that you might otherwise struggle to get your hands on. Artisanal wines that would normally not be available for someone only wanting to try a glass or two. Wines made by producers and in vineyards from around the world; winemakers who are passionate about their product and who want to introduce it to a wider audience.

What makes Vinoa different from other wine subscription services is the size of the bottles they send through. They appreciate that not everyone wants a large bottle of a wine they know nothing about, so instead they send through six small bottles that are the equivalent of a large glass each. It allows you to broaden your wine horizons without being overwhelmed or wasting bottle after bottle of the good stuff.

Alongside the wine you also get a tasting card. This is useful for a number of reasons, not least is the fact that it tells you all about where the wine has come from, how it has been made and what sort of notes you should be getting from it. You’ll be able to sound like you know what you’re talking about in no time at all! It also gives you food matching tips as well as advice on how the wine should be served. Perfect for self-confessed novices in the wine world.


There are three different options available to you as far as your Vinoa wine subscription box is concerned. Somewhat predictably, the options revolve around the different types of wine on the market. The first is the Stunning Reds box, which includes six small bottles of wine and the accompanying tasting cards.

If you’re not much of a fan of red wine then you might want to consider the White Delight box. This offers the same contents, except for the fact that the wine in the bottles will be white rather than red. Last but by no means least is the Mixed Selection box. This is for those of you that just love wine in all of its glory. Reds and whites come to you here, as well as rosés and other variations.


Vinoa try to keep their wines a secret, so there’s no knowing what will arrive through your door from one month to the next. What can be guaranteed is that the wines are premium artisan wines selected by the company’s expert sommeliers from wineries around the world.

Previous boxes have included  Chablis from Sébastien Dampt’s estate, previously sold at Le Coq D’Argent; Torrontès from Colomé; Momo Sauvignon Blanc from Seresin that has been sold at The Chancery; Lirac from Domaine Les Cigalounes, which has been on the menu at Galvin Restaurant; Rioja Reserva from Vina Alberdi that has been sold at the Chester Grosvenor; and Le Volte from Tenute Del Ornellaia, which has been available at Slaughter’s Manor House in the past.


Vinoa offer a simple, easy-to-understand month-by-month subscription that continues automatically until you’ve decided you no longer want to receive it. Whichever box subscription you choose it will cost you £29.70 per month, which works out as £4.95 per large glass of wine.