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Fred’s Box has had a re-launch in recent months. What was previously a subscription box service for Lego compatible mini-figures now offers a range of products in a “Mystery Box”, as well as a dedicated subscription for collectors of Ooshies, which are small, squishy figures from a number of well-known cartoon and comic series.

Fred’s Box is the brainchild of Fred, a 7-year-old boy who claims to love “receiving post” and “the colour orange”. Fred, along with his mother, Clare, set up the subscription service with the aim of “bringing joy to small faces”. Fred’s Box appeals to children’s innate wish to collect items, and provides parents and carers with an easy method of meeting those wishes.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? A mystery box containing surprise collectible items for children or a box of Ooshies
How often does it come? Monthly
How much?

Ooshie Box: £3.99 (2), £6.99 (4), £9.99 (6), £16.99 (10)

Mystery Box: £11.99 (Standard), £20.99 (Twin)

Do prices include postage? No - Add £2
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Fred's Box Review

By Emma (Summer 2017)

Fred's Box Summer 2017

My son, Thomas, has what my mother-in-law likes to term “little boys’ pockets”. He almost always has some sort of toy in his pocket (along with a few shiny stones and odd bits of fluff), and loves the opportunity to explore the pocket money section in our local toy store. For this reason, I was pleased to be given the opportunity to review the Mystery Box from Fred’s Box.

First Impressions

Fred's Box First Impressions

The box arrived within a couple of days, and it fit snuggly through my letterbox, which I was pleased with, as I live in a rural area and getting to the sorting office isn’t easy. The packaging was sturdy and simple, and the addition of a large orange sticker caught my son’s attention straight away. We opened the box together, and Thomas immediately got excited when he realised it was packed with goodies that could only be for him.

What We Received

The box contained a selection of toys and collectibles, a book and other items, wrapped in tissue paper.

Postcards and Pencil

Pencil & Cards

We received a pencil and four postcards, blank on one side and space to write an address on the other side, so that a child could draw on the card and post it off. These were discarded straight away by my son, who generally has no interest in drawing, but I still felt that this was a nice addition to the box, as I know plenty of other children who would use them.



We received an Ooshie from the DC Comics theme. Thomas loves all things super hero related and already has a large collection of figures from other brands, so he was pleased to have a “baddie” (we got Doomsday, Superman’s nemesis) to add to his collection. He liked how it fit on the end of the pencil, and how he could put it in his pocket.

Star Wars Wristband

Star Wars Wristband

The next item we found in the box was a Star Wars wristband. Star Wars is another passion of my little Padawan (or “apprentice” for those not fluent in the ways of the force), and he spent some time putting on his wrist and taking it off again, before declaring it to be “quite cool”. Definitely a wonderful addition to the box and perfect for his age and interests.

Avengers Trading Cards

Avenger Trading Cards

Thomas currently collects Lego Nexo trading cards, and although he spent a few minutes looking through these cards, he put them to one side quite quickly. That being said, l know that lots of kids do collect these particular cards, and so I thought they were a pretty good inclusion.

Shaun the Sheep Flock Stars

Shaun the Sheep

The final collectible in the box was a figure from the Shaun the Sheep animation. Thomas thought the sheep was quite funny, and being a fan of Aardman animations myself, I did find the character quite charming. Another great item for my son, Thomas, to stash away in his little pockets. 

Phonics Book

Phonics Book

We received a book from the Biff, Chip & Kipper phonics series. As a parent, I thought this was a great addition, as Thomas is currently learning to read via phonics, and having additional reading material is very welcome.

We read the story together along with my younger daughter, and both children enjoyed the tale. Thomas practiced some of the words in the book, so it was a great way of getting some sneaky learning in with the fun of the box.

Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

So far, fidget spinners have bypassed my son completely, as they were banned very early on in his school. As a result, the fidget spinner in this box was Thomas’s first. It was an instant hit and has been almost everywhere with him since (including the bath).

I thought the inclusion of a toy that is currently such a big craze was a great idea, and shows that the company have really thought about what children would like to see in a subscription box.

Overall Impressions

Thomas with his Fidget Spinner

This is definitely a great box for kids who love all those little pocket money toys that can be traded between friends. I liked how it included a variety of items which meant that Thomas was guaranteed to find something he would like. In terms of value for money, I did a rough calculation based on prices in my local toy shop and online and you do seem to get a lot for your pennies in the box.

I also thought the box would be brilliant as a gift, especially when your child gets an invite to a birthday party for someone in their class that you know nothing about. The box received “two thumbs up” from Thomas, which, in our house, is the ultimate seal of approval.

How Does It Work?

Like most subscription box services, the premise is simple. You sign up for a rolling monthly subscription, through PayPal, and your first box will be sent out within one week. Thereafter, additional boxes are sent between the 20th and 25th of each month. You can cancel your subscription at any time, so there is no commitment required. Alternatively, you can order a box as a one-off.

What Do You Get?

Depending on the option you choose, you will receive various small collectible toys that are appropriate for the age of your child or children. All of the toys fit in a box that will go in most letterboxes.


The “Mystery Box” contains at least eight items. As standard, each box contains an age appropriate reading book, a pack of trading cards, a pencil, some blank postcards and a sticker. Children aged 3-5 years will receive some crayons, whilst children aged 5 and over will receive an Ooshie. In addition, each box will also contain between two and five age appropriate mystery gifts.

You can either choose a gender neutral box, or boxes with toys that are traditionally associated with girls or boys (for example, if you choose the Girl option you may receive a hair clip or jewellery products). You can also get a Mystery Box for twins, which contains double the contents of a standard Mystery Box.

Fred’s Box also has an Option for a subscription for Ooshies only. These are small figurines that can be used as pencil toppers, and currently there are characters from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), and Disney. Boxes are available with 2, 4, 6, or 10 Ooshies, and you can either choose your theme (i.e. Disney, Marvel etc.) or choose to have a mystery selection from the entire range.


Your Ooshie box might contain Spiderman, Thor, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Princess Belle. Your Mystery Box could contain the latest toy craze, such as a Fidget Spinner, or a Shopkins collectible. The possibilities are almost endless.


Ooshie Boxes cost £3.99 for 2, £6.99 for 4, £9.99 for 6, and £16.99 for 10.

The Mystery Box costs £11.99, or £20.99 for the Twins box.

Postage per box costs £2.