For some, shaving is a necessity. Perhaps you work in a kitchen and need to shave for hygiene reasons. Maybe you work in an office and are expected to be clean-shaven in order to impress your clients or you're a Drag Queen and need to shave in order to maintain a sense of verisimilitude. There are countless reasons why you may have to shave on a regular basis but just because you have to do it doesn’t mean that you enjoy it or that it’s fun.

Until now, that is. Cornerstone is a company that aims to turn the chore of shaving into a daily ritual that is fun and enjoyable. The name comes from the notion that a decent shave is the cornerstone of a good day and that is the ethos of the company. Whether you’ve got sensitive skin, facial hair that grows so quickly that you need to shave every day or simply enjoy getting our a razor and neatening up your face, you’ll love the experience of shaving that comes from using the products of Cornerstone.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Monthly shaving supplies for men, such as razor blades, gels, creams, etc.
How often does it come? Every 6, 12 or 18 weeks (depending on how often you shave)
How much? From £4 to £30 depending on items chosen
Do prices include postage? Yes
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How Does It Work?

The idea of subscription services is that you sign up to receive goods or services on a regular basis. This continues until either the subscription period comes to an end or else you tell the company that you don’t want the product any more. What’s great about the Cornerstone method of subscription is that you tell them how often you shave and they recommend how often you should be sent their gear.

What Do You Get?

cornerstone 2Put simply, you get stuff to help you have a brilliant shave whenever you want. The more complicated answer is that you get as much or as little stuff to help you have a brilliant shave as you’d like. The obvious stuff that you’ll get includes razors and shaving cream. The less obvious things that you might not have thought of are the likes of post-shave balm and even a pre-shave scrub, to get your face ready for what’s to come.

The idea is that you get a smooth and comfortable shave, not a rough and horrible one. Accordingly all of the items sold by Cornerstone are environmentally friendly and the items you’ll receive will be BPA free, free of paraben and they don’t contain microbeads either. One crucial thing that you’ll be pleased to know is that the products are not tested on animals in any way.

Of course one of the joys of a subscription service such as this is that you only get what you need. That’s why what you get won’t be the same as what someone else will get. If you only shave once a week, you won’t want as much kit as someone who shaves daily and Cornerstone will adjust things for you accordingly.


The most important question you’ll have to answer is how often you shave. That will determine how much stuff you’ll be sent and how often you’ll be sent it. If you shave daily or close to daily, then you’ll be sent a box of goodies every six weeks. If you’re more of a ‘shave a couple of times a week’ sort of person, then you’ll find that a box of kit every twelve weeks will probably suffice. Should you only need to shave once a week or less then you’ll receive your Cornerstone goodies every eighteen weeks.

Once you know how often you’ll receive stuff you can then choose what you’d like to get through the post. This is entirely up to you and you can have as much or as little as you’d like. The most complicated question will be whether you’d prefer shaving gel or shaving cream.


Unlike some subscription services where what you get can be a bit of a lucky dip, Cornerstone have got a tried and tested product that they trust and believe that you will enjoy. You choose what you want for your shave and they then send the stuff through to you for you to use at your pleasure.

Their face scrub, for example, can be used before you shave to prevent you from getting cut. The shaving gel has been formulated to protect skin that is quite sensitive, whilst their cream provides a rich lather. The post-shave balm helps to cool your face down after you’ve shaved. The most crucial bit of kit is, of course, the razor itself and the one you’ll be sent by Cornerstone is made of aluminium and the head has five blades for a smoother, more comfortable shave.


How much you’ll pay depends on how much you want in your kit and how often you want to receive it. The pre-shave face scrub is £5, as is the post-shave balm. The shaving gel and cream are both £6 and six razor blades will cost you £14. That means the full kit will set you back £30 or you can choose to opt for just some of the products rather than all of them, reducing the price you’ll pay accordingly.