The Personal Barber


Men who don’t like to have any facial hair have to go through the process of shaving every single day. This can start to grate after a time, literally, as well as figuratively. Cheap, plastic razors can irritate the skin with mass produced shaving foam not doing much more for you either.

The Personal Barber want to completely overhaul your shaving experience. Given it’s something you’ve got to do virtually every day, it really shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a pleasure, something you wake up looking forward to and luxuriate over. That’s what this subscription box aims to do.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Shaving equipment for a traditional wet shave sent through monthly
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? One Month - £24.95
Three Months - £62.85
Six Months - £119.70
Twelve Months - £215.40
Do prices include postage? Yes
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How Does It Work?

The Personal Barber hand-pick tried and tested shaving equipment to send through to you ever month. In order to receive it all you need to subscribe to their box, something that’s easy enough to do. You sign up to their subscription service, pay a regular fee, and, in return, get the stuff in the post just as regularly.

What Do You Get?

The short answer is that you get equipment and materials suitable to help you have a traditional wet shave every day. But you don’t want a short answer, do you? Thought not. The longer answer is that you get all sorts of amazing things aimed at making you a shaving professional. The Personal Barber wants to help you build up your shaving collection so that you can stop going cheap and do it all the right way.

Your first month is the key to your Personal Barber subscription as it gets everything underway. You’ll get a safety razor, a shaving brush, some soap, spare blades and, perhaps, most importantly for some of you, you’ll also get a step-by-step guide on how to give yourself a top-notch wet shave in the traditional style of the old barbers.

Once you’ve got the basics in your collection, the next few months are all about building it up more and more. Shaving isn’t all about just the razor and the soap that you use to get rid of your facial hair. It’s also about the preparation and the recovery period after you’ve shaved. Because of that you’ll get things like soaps, blades, oils, balms, colognes and more. You’ll get things to put on your skin before you shave to soften your facial hair up, as well as things to put on after you’ve shaved to help your skin recover and avoid irritation and so on.


There aren’t any options to be perfectly honest. This is a shaving subscription, after all, so you’re only really going to get things that will help you shave. Some of you may be signing up because you’ve only previously bought disposable razors or the mass-produced options you find in supermarkets. That’s fine though, because you’re exactly who this subscription box is designed for.

Others of you may have used traditional safety razors in the past and have your own personal favourite that you’d like to keep using; that’s fine too. If you’re a keen shaver though and just want to get the proper equipment, then you can let The Personal Barber know and they’ll replace the safety razor they normally send out with a different gift for your pleasure.

The only other option you’re presented with is how long you’d like to sign up for. You can opt for the month-by-month subscription, the three month option, you can sign up for six month’s worth of boxes or you can choose to get a full year’s worth of subscription boxes, with this option proving to be the cheapest as far as the month-by-month amount you’ll be charged is concerned.


Each box is filled with surprises that change from one month to the next. That’s no bad thing, though, as that means your collection will constantly be updating. You know you’ll be getting quality goods and who really has the time to go searching through the shops for the best things around? That’s why The Personal Barber does it for you.

What’s in your box may be a surprise, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tell you what’s been in previous boxes. You’ll get The Personal Barber safety razor, a traditional wooden-handled shaving brush, replacement blades from Bic, a new shaving soap from around the world every month as well as mystery products like oils, balms and more.


The one month rolling subscription costs £24,95 per month with the three month option bringing the price down to £20.95 per month. The six month subscription is £19.95 per month and a year’s supply of boxes will set you back £17.95 per month. Apart from the monthly rolling offer the rest are payable up front, so do bear that in mind.