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Just as the way we workout changes with the development of technology and our understanding of how the body works, so too do the things we put into our body to aid its recovery. Supplements and snacks are now more targeted, more intelligent and more personalised to your needs.

GymCrate is a company that wants to help you cut to the chase as far as your health supplement needs are concerned. They understand that people workout differently from each other, so they offer alternative boxes depending on how you tend to use the gym, if you use the gym at all.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Exercise supplements and samples targeted at your fitness regime and gender
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? £19.99 / Month
Do prices include postage? Yes
Sent from UK
Options Different boxes are available depending on your gym routine

How Does It Work?

Subscription boxes tend to follow a certain pattern. You choose something that you’d like to get delivered on a regular basis, you pay the amount of money necessary to receive that something on an equally regular basis and it then gets sent out to you. This continues until you no longer want to receive the goods you’ve ordered and you cancel your subscription. GymCrate follow this pattern with the ‘something’ you receive being health products.

What Do You Get?

You get supplements, snacks, and products aimed at helping you recover from whatever gym or exercise activity it is that you’ve been doing. The boxes are tailored to your needs, so if you’re a runner you won’t be receiving the same sort of goods as a boxer or a weight trainer. The sustenance you’re sent will be ideal for your own personal training regime with the lads who created the company trying every product for themselves before sending it off to you.

Supplements are a key part of exercise in this day and age. What you’re sent, therefore, is aimed at doing one thing and one thing only: Helping you get any small advantage you can in the exercise world. Because of that you’re sent supplements and products that really are at the cutting edge of the industry. You’ll receive snack bars, drinks, samples of things, trial products, and more.

Exercise-based products aren’t cheap, so it’s silly to pay a lot of money for things that might not necessarily work for you. Because of that you tend to get sent things for you to try on the basis that if you like them you may well buy bigger versions of the product. This is not only the case for the likes of snacks, vitamins, and drinks but also health products, fitness gear, and equipment. You’ll receive between eight and twelve products every month, with the products targeted specifically at your gender.


The three main options available from GymCrate revolve around the type of training that you do and what it is that you want your supplements to aid you to do. The Shred Box is aimed at people who are hoping to lose weight, therefore, it tends to contain things like fat burners, creatine, low sugar snacks, and lean proteins.

The Build Box is for people who want to increase their body size. This can be for thin people who have been told that they need to put on weight or, as is more likely, for weight-lifters hoping to gain extra muscles and pile on the pounds. These boxes contain creatine, mass gain proteins, pre-workout supplements and the like.

Last, but by no means least, is the Maintain Box. This is for the sort of people who do a little bit of everything. You’re not necessarily in it for mass weight gain, but nor do you think you particularly need to slim down. You’re likely to receive proteins, pre-workout supplements, snacks, and healthy drinks if you order this box.


Obviously specific examples of what you’re likely to receive differ depending on the box you opt for. Generally speaking, however, you’ll receive samples and goods from some of the very best companies in the fitness world. Hydra 6 protein pouches from Grenade, shakes from Coco, supplements from CNP, snack bars from Science in Sport, IsoGel bars, High Protein Porridge Packs from Team Sky, Concentrated Cherry Juice from CherryActive, The Complete Cookie from Lenny & Larry’s, and even more besides.


Choosing the box that is right for you might be a little bit tricky, but knowing how much you’re going to have to pay for it won’t be. The subscription to any one of the GymCrate boxes will set you back £19.99 and includes a t-shirt.