Sprinkle a Bit of Magic

Sprinkle a Bit of Magic

Sprinkle a Bit of Magic provides a subscription service for soon-to-brides based in the United Kingdom looking for tips and ideas to help plan their dream wedding. It's basically Pinterest by post, but even better because you get actual samples in every box, as well contact details for artists and caterers in and around the UK that you could potentially hire for your big day. The motto of the site seems to be try before you buy and that's exactly what the box offers.

Every month you'll receive useful items, tips and ideas for planning your wedding. The products and items you receive range from cosmetics to help you look your best on your wedding day, samples of favours and confetti, wedding invitation and save-the-date ideas, honeymoon and travel offers, and more.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Ideas and samples for planning your wedding
How often does it come? Monthly
How much? £14.95 (Monthly), £42 (3 Months), £79 (6 Months)
Do prices include postage? Yes
Sent from UK
Website www.sprinkleabitofmagic.com

Sprinkle a Bit of Magic Review

By Kim (July 2017)

Sprinkle a Bit of Magic July 2017

Having been a bride myself almost exactly seven years ago and also being in the midst of helping two of my very best friends plan their weddings this summer, I was curious to see what Sprinkle a Bit of Magic was all about and was excited at the prospect of getting to explore what was in the box.

First Impressions

Sprinkle a Bit of Magic First Impressions

The first thing to note about Sprinkle a Bit of Magic is the convenient size of the box, which I should think will fit through most if not all letterboxes, so there's no worry if you're not going to be in. The box was shipped on Saturday and I received it the very next working day.

Upon opening the box, I was greeted by the beautifully presented tissue wrapped contents, a welcome note from the company with a bit of information about the box, as well as some top wedding planning tips, which were actually quite helpful. When I opened the tissue, there was a lovely fragrance coming from the box with a great array of items and surprises to uncover. I was quite overwhelmed actually at the amount of items they managed to fit in this one box!

What We Received

In the July 2017 box, I received nine different samples, ranging from stationary, which included a handmade save-the-date and wedding invitation, confetti, beauty supplies, including collagen and eye cream, some wedding favour samples, including a scented wax melt and a personalised rock sweet, a small veil sample from a fashion designer who specialises in bespoke bridal accessories, and my absolute personal favourite, a sweet pendant to give to your flower girl. They also included some information for a health and wellness scheme called the Forever F.I.T. Programme.

Beauty Supplies

Part of wedding planning is making yourself look and feel as beautiful as possible on the biggest day of your life, so Sprinkle a Bit of Magic hit the nail on the head by including two different beauty supplies for their brides to get their pamper on.



The first beauty item I came across was called 'Absolute Collagen', which is a high-grade collagen oral liquid supplement, which can be taken daily. I guess I never really knew much about collagen – other than the stories you hear of rich women going to get injected with it – but apparently it restores your skin's natural proteins and, for many women, keeps them looking young.mar

Eye Cream

Eye cream

The eye cream, I think I can safely assume, is for use on and around your eyes to keep you looking alert. Probably a good thing to use on your wedding day if you're just too excited to sleep the night before like I was but then end up looking a bit like a zombie on your wedding day. There wasn't too much information on the card about this one, but eye cream is pretty straightforward, right? I definitely could have used this one on my wedding day!


One of the first things you'll do when you start planning your wedding is send out your save-the-dates, followed by the big invite nearer to the wedding. Nowadays, there's things like Appy Couple where you can do everything via an app, but there's something extremely exciting and special about receiving something through the post. Something physical that people can hold in their hands and put on their shelf. Personally, I always forget to RSVP on these new-fangled online invites, so I am ALL about the gorgeous stationary.


Save the Date

I loved loved loved the save-the-date sample that came in Sprinkle a Bit of Magic. It also came with the business card of the company who made it, so if you're not very crafty like me, you can just call them up and tell them exactly what you want. Bish, bash, bosh and job done! Or, if you are a little crafter, maybe it will give you just the inspiration you need to go make them yourself.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation that came in the box was again handcrafted by a company here in the UK with their contact details so you can place an order online if you like what you see. My mom is a bit of a scrapbooker and this looks like something she might have made with the fancy embossed letters, stamps and ribbon. In fact, she made my wedding invitations years and years ago, so I'm a big fan of handmade items like this.

Wedding Favours

You can't have a wedding without favours. Okay, I guess you can, but come on, that's the best part for your guests, so time to get creative.

Wedding Favour Sweets

Wedding Favour Sweet

I love a good edible wedding favour and the sample sweet that came in the box was delicious. I'm wondering if I can get some of them without having to order 200, because it really is quite tasty! Again, this is a great item, as it prompts you into thinking about all of this different aspects of wedding planning that maybe wouldn’t have crossed your mind.

Scented Wax Melts

Heart Shaped Wax Melt

If I'm honest, I still don't really know what this one is, despite reading the card, but it prompts you into thinking about what gifts you might give to your bridesmaids as a thank you. The scented wax melt (Is it soap? Is it a candle? In any case, it smells lovely…) came in a cute little drawstring bag with a tag that said 'Thank You for Being My Bridesmaid'. A nice little reminder not to forget about some of the most important people at your wedding and to thank them for all of their help and friendship!

Other Items



The sample of confetti was really cool because it came with a card detailing everything you need to know about confetti that you never even thought about like: How much do you need? How long will it last? Is it biodegradable? The confetti sample that came in the box was a mixture of red, purple and white flower petals with a picture-perfect couple being showered with it after they said I do.

When I got married in the US, our wedding planner had left bowls of rose petals at the end of each aisle with a note that said, "After the kiss, please toss on the bride & groom". A completely different meaning here in the UK, oops! I still have not heard the end of this from my British friends. Choose your words carefully, brides.


Tulle veil

The sample of the veil is really just an advertisement for this Susan Pang designer, but for the bride looking for a custom-designed veil, Susan might just be your gal. Her website looks quite impressive and seems quite a useful resource for someone looking for a specific bridal accessory. The sample is essentially a pretty piece of tulle with some sparkly bits, so maybe it's something you can keep for your wedding scrapbook or give to your niece for her Barbie's big day.

Forever F.I.T. Programme Leaflet

Forever Fit Leaflet

This one is just a leaflet of a health and fitness program called Forever F.I.T., which is a nice little reminder for those wanting to fit into a smaller dress size or two to start your new fitness regime early. As a bonus, if you sign up to their programme via the Sprinkle a Bit of Magic website, you'll get a free lip balm, which is a nice little incentive if you're planning to do something like this anyway.

Flower Girl Pendant

Flower Girl Pendant

I've saved this one for last because it's my absolute favourite item in the box. This isn't so much a sample, but an actual gift that I plan to give to my friend who is getting married at the end of the month to give to her flower girl. The pendant says, 'Today you're our flower girl, but one day you will hold the bouqet. Here is something old to carry on your Wedding Day'. I actually got chills at the thought of a cute little flower girl carrying this on her flower basket and one day having it as her 'something old' on her own wedding day. Did you just tear up too? My bride-to-be friend nearly snatched it from me when I offered it to her. It's beautifully made and I'll be keeping a note of this company for cute little personalised keepsakes in the future.

Overall Impressions

Contents of Sprinkle a Bit of Magic

Despite being an old married woman, I really enjoyed this box and saw how valuable it would be for a bride-to-be planning her wedding. There are so many great ideas, tips and samples in the box and whether or not you like the actual items included, it really gives you some great ideas for your own wedding. It's like a wedding fair in a box without having the hassle of trekking to a crowded fair or spending hours searching aimlessly online. I would definitely recommend this box to anyone about to get married in need of a little inspiration.

How Does It Work?

Sprinkle a Bit of Magic is a monthly subscription service, so you can sign up to receive the box on a rolling basis once a month, a three-month subscription or a six-month subscription. You can also give the box as a gift to a friend, which we think would make a fabulous 'happy engagement' gift to any new bride about to plan the wedding of her dreams!

What Do You Get?

Imagine going to a wedding fair with tons of vendors and stalls giving out samples of their wedding-related products – that's essentially what Sprinkle a Bit of Magic offers. It's the perfect subscription for the bride who just doesn't have the time to venture to all of these wedding fairs but wants to know what types of unique products are out there without having to do a ton of leg work. Best of all, you get samples of all the products and contact details for the vendors.

The types of items in the box will vary month by month, but you can typically expect to see a range of items, including: beauty & cosmetics, stationary, such as wedding invitations and save-the-dates, jewelry, flower and confetti ideas, decorations, food samples, diet and fitness plans, as well as honeymoon and travel offers. All of the products promoted within the Sprinkle a Bit of Magic box are quite unique, as the company aims to promote independent vendors with handmade specialty items.


The only option you get when choosing this particular subscription service is how often you'd like to receive it or whether you'd like to give it as a gift. Choose from a rolling month-to-month subscription, three months or six months. The contents of the box are a surprise each month, but are sure to impress any soon-to-be bride planning a wedding.


You can expect a fair few items in your monthly subscription box with beauty samples, like eye creams and moisturisers, samples of save-the-dates and homemade wedding invitation ideas, gifts for your bridesmaids and flower girls, wedding favours, such as personalised candies or soaps, as well as fitness plans and weight management to get you down to your perfect size on your wedding day. The box also includes useful tips for your wedding day, prompting you to think about things you maybe hadn't even though of – like whether you should book your honeymoon in your maiden name or your new name, etc.


For a rolling month-to-month subscription service, you can expect to pay £14.95. The boxes are sent to you at the beginning of the month and you can cancel or modify your plan at anytime. They also offer a three-month subscription that costs £42 total, which works out to be just £14 a box, which is great value for your money. Lastly, for a six-month subscription, you'll pay £79, which works out to cost just over £13 a box. All of the postage and packaging is covered in the cost of the box, so there are no surprise extras and what you see is what you pay.