Adult Subscription Boxes

If you're looking to spice up your relationship, you might consider a monthly subscription box specifically designed for adults. These vary in style and content with some offering a simple condom subscription with unique condoms you cannot purchase from your local shop, whilst others offer products to make your sex life a bit more interesting. The Daring Box, for example, comes complete with an 'art de vivre', tasty treats, erotic products, as well as a booklet with ideas, playlists, and tips.


The Fantasy Box

The Fantasy Box includes 4 to 7 products to help spice things up in the bedroom with toys, costumes, and more.

Casanovas Box
Casanovas Box - closed

The Casanovas Box sends out interesting condoms that you can't find in your local supermarket each month with the option to receive 10, 15, 20, or 25.

Daring Box
Daring Box - closed

Daring Box is an erotic couples box filled with 5-7 sophisticated products to spice up your relationship.

Lacy Box - closed

Lacy Box provides luxe knickers for women where you can order monthly, every 3 months, 6 months or annually. The perfect Valentine's Day gift.

dewcibox - closed

dewcibox is a high-end luxury box for couples, including everything from blindfolds to massage oils, stimulators, lubricants, candles, and more.

Spice Box
Spice Box - closed

Spice Box includes recipe cards for games and fantasy ideas, as well as exclusive items for you to try out with your other half to spice up your love life.

Naughty Adventures
Naughty Adventures - closed

Naughty Adventures is another adult-only box that comes with 5-8 items, including sexy lingerie, costumes, games, toys, special lubes, and more.

The Goddess Project
The Goddess Project - closed

The Goddess Project sends out lingerie sets for women, which includes a 3-month or 6-month subscription service, including a bridal box option for your honeymoon.

roomantics - closed

In addition to their clever name, roomantics offers a monthly subscription for couples, including a selection of toys & products, which can be customised to your preferences.

Dead Set on Pleasure

Each box contains at least 4-6 items and will include products, such as sex toys for him and her, lubes, condoms, massage oils, and candles to name but a few!


Which Companies Offer Adult Boxes?

The English are notoriously prudish when it comes to bedroom behaviour, so perhaps that is why no company has yet been able to take overall control of the adult subscription box market. There are a number of decent options that you’ll want to consider, but none of the major players, such as Ann Summers, have tied up the world of subscription boxes for themselves and whipped the others into shape.

Each company tries to tap into a different part of the market, looking for a gap to fill that might not be being covered by anyone else. Lacy Box, for example, is all about providing lingerie for the ladies, whilst Spice Box is about giving you ideas of things to do in the boudoir and the toys to help you do them.

roomantics offer you the chance to outline your preferences and then sends you things that match what you’ve said you like, whilst dewcibox aims to offer high-end products, and Daring Box wants to get you to push your boundaries as far as possible. Whatever your personal likes and dislikes in the bedroom there is almost certainly a box that has got you covered from the numerous different companies that operate in the adult subscription box market.

What Comes Included?

As you might expect, this really depends on which company you opt to subscribe to. Casanovas Box, for example, sends out different types of condoms every month. That’s a very niche market, but if you like to mix up your condom usage then it’s the one for you.

Speaking in broad terms, you’ll get things like lingerie, sex toys, candles, massage lotions, and lubricants. Some boxes also promise cards complete with fantasy and role-play ideas that you can try out with your partner. Expect a variety of different things in your box each month, unless you’ve opted for one of the packages that specialises in a specific thing like sexy knickers.