Surprise Subscription Boxes

Everyone gets bored of the mundane day-to-day routine, so that's where surprise subscription boxes come in. Imagine trudging home through the rain after a stressful day in the office to find a parcel filled with lovely gifts and treats. Each box is entirely unique with many featuring hand-made items from small-time companies around the UK and usually following some sort of theme for the month.

Top Surprise Subscription Box


For a little piece of Paris straight to your doorstep, La box Quejadore Paris offers a unique subscription box for women shipped every two months from France. The contents of box includes six items: a cosmetic, a beauty product, a gadget, an accessory, a surprise item, as well as a cultural product from France. The value of the box is worth well over €70 with surprise items you can only find in France.



My Ireland Box

My Ireland Box features boxes with unique surprise gifts handmade from Ireland, such as glass jewelry, vases, and notebooks to name a few.

A Box of Happiness

A Box of Happiness was created to promote happiness and well-being, sending you monthly treats, including soothing items, such as herbal teas, candles, bath products, books, treats, products for facials and more. 

Lucky Dip Club
Lucky Dip Club - closed

Lucky Dip Club sends out handmade and personalised surprise gifts through the post, including items such as jewellry, stationary, craft kits, and more.

Premurosa - closed

Premurosa has a monthly gift subscription box that offers treats and gifts, such as chocolates, candles, Christmas ornaments, bracelets, and more.

Boxcitement - closed

Boxcitement is box of monthly surprises usually including stationary, accessories, jewellery, and various homeware pieces.

My Little Box
My Little Box - closed

My Little Box sends out surprise gifts, including beauty products, fashion items, and other gifts, usually following some sort of theme.

Not Another Bill
Not Another Bill - closed

Not Another Bill posts surprise gifts tailored to your age and interests with the idea of receiving something interesting each month.

Supercutebox - closed

Supercutebox is a monthly surprise box with 'cute' items, including things like stationary, homeware, jewellry, and everything in between.

Pamper Parcels
Pamper Parcels - surprises

With Pamper Parcels you’ll receive a monthly parcel of at least 5 surprises, including beauty products, snacks, stationery, and chocolate to name some.

Smile Away
SMILEAWAY - closedx

Smileaway is a monthly gift box aimed at women, which tends to follow a theme each month, sending out items, such as candles, chocolates, spa items, jewellery, and more.

Moi Même
MOI MÊME - closed

Moi Même is a suprise box for women that comes with 5 luxury items, including things like jewellery, beauty products, stationery and more.


Which Companies Offer Surprise Boxes?

What’s better than a surprise? A regular, fun surprise, of course! That said, the vagueness of a subscription box service that send you a ‘surprise’ every month means that no one company is dominating the market to the extent that all other companies are having to follow suit.

There are a number of good options, though. Lucky Dip Club does exactly what it says on the tin, sending you a variety of interesting and wonderful things but concentrating mainly on the homemade and the surprising. Premurosa aim to deliver more tangible gifts to you, such as chocolates or ornaments for around the house. My Ireland Box is a company that tries to introduce you to a bit of the Emerald Isle via gifts and products that come all the way from our limerick loving neighbours.

Not Another Bill is a fun company that have tapped into that most basic of things: The fear that every time something lands on our doormat it’s going to be from a company asking us for money. Instead, it’s a fun surprise tailored to your desires. Supercutebox aims itself at the type of customer who really loves ‘cute’ things, whatsoever that may be.

What Comes Included?

The contents of the boxes is hard to pin down, with the word ‘surprise’ really being the key thing to bear in mind. Some companies like to follow a specific theme, so they might always send you something that can be used on your person like a beauty cream or some jewelry, for example. Others might always go down the line of sending you things that you can use around the house, such as candles or decorations.

Speaking in general terms you’ll get things like stationery, jewelry, homeware, candles, chocolates and more. Because these companies have deliberately chosen not to compete with the bigger brands that target a specific audience (pet lovers, wine drinkers, game players), the contents are obviously varied and tend not to follow too specific a pattern if they can help it.