Pet Boxes

Pets are family members and like the other members of family, we want to spoil them rotten, especially cause they're so darn cute. If you're constantly buying new treats and toys for your beloved cat, dog, or even rabbit for that matter, it might be worth considering a monthly subscription box for your pet. Not only will your beloved furry friend get to try the latest and greatest treats, toys, and hygiene products out on the market, you'll also save a fair few quid, as well as cut down on your visits to the pet shop.

PawPost, for example, is a subscription service that caters to both cats and dogs, which can save you up to 40% on treats and toys from the high street / online. The company also donates a percentage of its sales to help dogs and cats in need, so really, everybody wins.

Pet Subscription Box


Woof-Box is a monthly box filled with top quality dog treats, toys, useful gadgets, and more all for your best pup.

Top Collar

Top Collar is essentially a recipe box for dogs, sending your pup an array of healthy & delicious treats each month using real [human] ingredients.

Happy Bunny Club

The Happy Bunny Club is a subscription service for rabbits that includes safe products for your pet rabbit, including treats & toys. The products are also suitable for pet guinea pigs!


Pawpost is a subscription service for your cat or dog with treats and/or toys mailed monthly to your cat or dog.

Cat Hampurr

Cat Hampurr is a monthly box for your cat filled with delicious food, treats, and toys for your favourite feline friend.


PurrBoxes is a subscription box for your feline friends that includes cat toys, treats, and even a months supply of cat grass and catnip.

Purrfect Box
Purrfect Box - closed

The Purrfect Box for your purrfect moggie - this subscription box includes treats, toys, accessories, and hygeine products all for your cat.

Purple Bone
PURPLEBOX - closed

Puplebone's Purplebox offers a monthly subscription for your pup, offering three sizes for small, medium and large dogs. The box comes filled with toys, treats and hygiene products for your best friend with a retail value of £40-50!

VIVADOGS - closed

Formerly known as Bark Beats, VivaDogs is a monthly surprise box for dogs that includes an assortment of 5 full-size products like toys, treats, and grooming products.

Pawsome Box
Pawsome Box - closed

Pawsome Box is a subscription for your best friend that includes dog toys, treats, shampoos - with 5-6 products selected each month.

My Purrfect Gift Box

My Purrfect Gift Box is the 'purrfect' gift for cat lovers that includes 3-5 cat-themed gifts, as well as the option to include 2-3 gifts for your feline friend too.

The Tack Box
THE TACK BOX - closed

The Tack Box is a great new box for horses and their riders. Each month you'll receive an array of treats, products & accessories for you and your horse to enjoy.


Which Companies Offer Pet Boxes?

Despite pets being a vital part of our lives and families, no company has exactly taken the pet subscription box world by storm and made it an unmissable monthly occurrence. That said, there are a number of different subscription boxes available depending on what type of pet you have.

The two biggest pets in the domestic world are, of course, cats and dogs, so that is reflected in the subscription box market. Cat Hampurr, for example, will send you treats and toys for your feline friend on a regular basis, whilst the Purrfect Box tends to focus more on toys, accessories and even some hygiene products. There are other cat based companies for your to consider, too.

As far as your dogs are concerned you’ll be looking at companies such as Woof-Box, which sends you surprises for your four-pawed friend, and the brilliantly named Pawsome Box that sends you goods ranging from treats and toys to shampoos. There only really one company offering boxes aimed squarely at rabbits, namely Happy Bunny Club.

What Comes Included?

Unsurprisingly, the things your box contains varies from company to company and even from month to month. In a general sense pretty much all of the companies send you things that they think your pet will enjoy, whether that be toys to play with or treats to eat. Plenty of them also promise hygiene products, such as things to wash your pet with or perhaps grooming equipment.

Top Collar is an interesting subscription box option in that they send you recipe ideas and treats for a fun meal to feed your dog. For the cats, you can expect catnips, toys aimed specifically at entertaining them and even gadgets that will either keep them entertained or else help you with them in some other, less easily definable way. Some companies send things like cat grass out, too.