Other Subscription Boxes

On this page, we include lifestyle subscription boxes that suit a range of different interests, such as fresh flower boxes, art and crafts boxes, book and magazine boxes, cards and stationery boxes, boxes with monthly socks, boxes with seeds for gardening, music boxes, and sports nutrition boxes for the frequent gym-goer.

Stationery Boxes

For those who love making homemade cards or who can be found scrapbooking away their adventures, subscription stationery boxes can be a great way to add some extremely creative and interesting new items to your craft box.

Under the Rowan Trees

Under the Rowan Trees provides a monthly box of unique and hard-to-source stationery to give you that bit of inspiration you need to finish that scrapbook or creative project. The box follows a monthly theme and comes complete with items, such as stickers, pens, craft paper, notebooks, charms, stencils, and much more. 


Flower Boxes

If you love having fresh flowers on your table or learning about new flowers, the easiest way to get the freshest and most seasonal variety is to subscribe to a fresh flower box. A flower box typically comes with flowers, arrangement guidelines, and information about the flowers included. It also makes a spectacular gift for your mum or your gran and it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving day after day.

Bloom & Wild

Bloom and Wild is a subscription service for beautiful, high-quality fresh flowers straight through your letterbox. Included in the box is arranging instructions and information about the types of flowers included in the delivery. Subscription options include monthly, fortnightly, or even weekly.


sports & gym BOXES

With sports nutrition subscription boxes, you can try samples of the latest sports snacks, supplements, and drinks on the market to give you the correct fuel for your next gym workout. The boxes on the market are specifically targeted to different types of workout, so whether you want to burn calories, gain muscle mass, or simply maintain your fitness, there are a range of different options available.

FUELIFY - closed

Fuelify offers a monthly box of snacks, supplements, and drinks to aid your workout at the gym. The company offers three different types of sports nutrition boxes, targeted to how you train. The boxes include nutrition for high energy cardio workouts, weight lifting for those wishing to bulk up muscle, and just a general box to fuel your workout if you tend to do both cardio and weight training.

GYMCRATE - closed

GymCrate is another fitness box including supplements for your workout at the gym. They offer three different boxes - one that targets weight loss, one for those wishing to increase their body size, and one for those who simply wish to maintain their weight. With GymCrate you also receive a t-shirt and all of the products are customised to your gender to help you get the most out of your workout.


More Boxes

Arts & Crafts


ScawlrBox is a monthly arts supply box filled with some of the best and most creative art products on the market.

Crafty Creatives
Crafty Creatives - closed

In the Crafty Creatives box, they include all of the materials you'll need to make an arts & craft project with everything from jewellry making to mosaics.


Books & Magazines

Prudence and the Crow

Prudence and the Crow is a book subscription that sends out vintage paperbacks and other added surprises.

The Willoughby Book Club

The Willoughby Book Club sends you a new book each month, capturing all ages & genres, including babies, young children, fiction, and, cooking books.

Book & a Brew

Book & a Brew is the perfect gift for both lovers of books and tea, as the monthly subscription sends out a surprise hardback novel, along with a box of tea.

Stack Magazines

Stack Magazines is a subscription service that sends you a new, independent magazine each month, handpicking the best titles at a low cost.

BoxBook Club

BoxBook Club is aimed at business professionals who are looking to enhance their knowledge. The box comes with a best-seller and other relevant tools tailored to your preferences. 




BecauseRacecarBox offers a monthly supply of surprise products for the car enthusiast in your life, such as glass cleaners, waxes, air fresheners and clever gadgets like USB sockets and more!


Cards & Stationery


InkDrops is all about high quality stationary for people who love sending hand-written notes, cards, and more.

Card Nest
Card Nest - closed

Card Nest ships 3 exclusive greeting cards each month ready for you to send to your family and friends.

Spotlight Stationery - closed

Spotlight Stationary is a great subscription box for those who love paper, pens, pencils, and all things stationary.

JULIAH - closed
From £19/Month

Juliah sends out a monthly surprise package that includes luxury stationary, as well as lifestyle products, which are all locally produced.




Buckt is an experience subscription box for those who wish to tick off some items on their 'bucket list'. The box includes 8-10 mystery events in the West Midlands.



Guessing Game

Guessing Game is a monthly subscription that includes a new board game to keep your games collection interesting.



Allotinabox - closed

Allotinabox provides boxes of seeds of things like herbs & seasonal vegetables, so you can grow fresh food right at home.



Wax & Stamp

Wax & Stamp sends out 2 vinyl records a month, one of which is chosen by a guest selector, such as a DJ or jazz trumpeter.



London Sock Company

The London Sock Company has a Sock Club that delivers stylish socks each month that you can pick out yourself or have chosen for you.

London Sock Exchange

The London Sock Exchance sends you 3 new pairs of socks each quarter with the opportunity to send any unused socks to them to recycle.