Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club

Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club

Hotel Chocolat is one of the most famous quality chocolate producers in the UK. They deliver a selection of their latest tastes through the door on a monthly basis to members of their Tasting Club.

Members can choose from a variety of boxes, which includes a mix box of dark, milk, and white chocolate, a box with a high cocoa content, a box with just milk and white chocolate, a box with alcohol recipes, or a box featuring a rare cocoa selection from around the world.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Milk, dark, white, fortified, and rare boxes of chocolate
How often does it come? Once per month
Sent from UK

How Does It Work?

You subscribe, pay a monthly fee and in return you receive a box jam-packed with delicious cocoa based treats. It is, in essence, that simple. You don’t need to sign up for any specific length of time and can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

You can choose which types of chocolate you want to receive and also give the company feedback on whether or not you liked the goods you received. As a member of the club, you’ll also receive 5% off at any of Hotel Chocolat’s stores around the country.

What Do You Get?

You get a selection of original, exciting and innovative chocolates in a presentation box. They are delivered every four, eight or twelve weeks depending on your personal preference. Because Hotel Chocolat are one of the few chocolatiers that grow their own cocoa you know what you’re getting is unique.


There are numerous options for you to choose from as far as the chocolate boxes are concerned. From the all-inclusive Classic box that features milk, white, and dark chocolates, through to the Mellow Milk box that is alcohol free, there will definitely be a box to suit your chocolate eating needs. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to guarantee that the chocolates are nut free. On the other hand, the company does do regular ‘special members only boxes’ that you can get for a members only price, so there are loads of possibilities.


You can get a Classic box, a High Cocoa box, a Mellow box, a Fortified box and a Rabot 1745 box. The Classic features things like Irish Whiskey Cream, Blackcurrant Boost or Dizzy Praline chocolates.

The High Cocoa box, as you’d expect, features chocolates that have more cocoa than average. 85% Dark Chocolate Batons, Monkey 47 Gin and Champagne Cocktail Dark chocolates have all featured here in the past.

The Mellow Milk box is the one that is guaranteed to feature no alcohol, so here you’ll discover delicious treats like Salted Almond Praline 62% Hacienda, Rhubarb and Custard and Runny Coffee Caramel chocolates.

The Fortified box is the opposite of The Mellow Milk box in that it is all about the booze. Spirits, liqueurs and wines all feature here. Sipsmith Sipping Vodka Milk, Cointreau Bombe Dark and After Dinner Amrmegnac have all been sent out in previous examples of this box.

The Rabot 1745 box contains rare cocoas from around the world, with Peruvian 100% Dark, Vietnam 80% dark and Colombia 75% dark slabs all featuring here in previous boxes.