Vegan Subscription Boxes

If you're a Vegan, or at least know someone who is, you'll appreciate how difficult it can be to find interesting Vegan-friendly snacks in your local market or beauty products from high street shops that you know for certain are cruelty-free. That's where Vegan subscription boxes come in.

Most of the boxes we have listed here include options for Vegan-friendly snacks, including sweet and savoury snacks, as well as interesting drinks. There is also a box - the Vegan Kind - that offers a beauty-box option for a monthly delivery of cruelty-free beauty products.

Top Vegan Subscription Boxes

Vegan Treat Box

Vegan Treat Box from Vegan Town offers a monthly selection of 10-14 interesting surprise Vegan treats and sweets. The boxes typically include Vegan chocolate, sweets, and biscuits, all of which you can find from Vegan Town's website, so if you find something you absolutely love then you can order more of it. 


Whilst Graze is not specifically marketed as being Vegan-friendly, they offer an array of snacks suitable for Vegans. Once you've signed up to a box you can simply trash all of the 'Unsuitable for Vegan' snacking options in order to choose appropriate snacks for your diet. The boxes come with a variety of 4 different snacks and are great for in the office or on the go. Check out Graze's list of Vegan-friendly snacks here.

Primal Snack Box: The Forest Box
Primal Snack Box - Closed

Whilst Primal Snack Box feature a range of high-protein boxes, they also do a vegeterian and Vegan-friendly box called the Forest Box, which is filled with nutritious and tasty Vegan-friendly snacks and drinks. The items you receive each month will be a complete surprise and tend to include food items, such as energy bars, nuts, chocolate, crisps, and even interesting drinks.


More Boxes

Life Box Food Cleanse

Life Box Food offers a monthly 'Cleanse' box for Vegans, offering a selection of delicious and healthy vegan treats and snacks to rejuvenate and cleanse your system.


The Buddha Box offers a holistic selection of health and wellness products with items such as essential oils, meditation tips and techniques, and a selection of vegan products.

AFIDI - Closed

Afidi offers a monthly selection of healthy vegan products in addition to two original vegan recipes. 

Vegan Chocolate Club

The Vegan Chocolate Club delivers a monthly surprise selection of 4 to 7 chocolate bars that are 100% vegan.

Vegan Tuck Box - closed

The Vegan Tuck Box is a vegan-friendly box that allows you to choose from 5-8 or 10-13 sweet and savoury vegan snacks each month.

The Goodness Project
The Goodness Project - closed

The Goodness Project offers monthly boxes filled with natural and healthy Vegan and gluten-free snacks and goodies.

The Vegan Kind
The Vegan Kind - Closed

The Vegan Kind offers a monthly 'Lifestyle' box with 5-8 Vegan products and snacks, as well as a 'Beauty' box with cruelty free skincare and cosmetics delivered quarterly.


Which Companies Offer Vegan Boxes?

Dedicating your life to eating vegan food is a noble decision that should be applauded. Whether you’ve done it because of allergies, for noble reasons or because you just don’t really like the taste of meat, it’s not easy constantly searching out vegan-friendly goods in the shops and supermarkets. That’s where vegan-friendly subscription boxes can really help you out, taking the trouble out of your search and delivering the goods straight to you.

Being a vegan isn’t just about what you eat, either. You’ll be keen to avoid products that have been tried or tested on animals or have caused harm to animals in any way. That means that the boxes we have found for you aren’t all culinary options, with the likes of The Vegan Kind offering subscriptions for vegan ‘lifestyles’, covering make-up and cosmetic products that are suitable for vegans.

There are vegan specific food companies, like The Goodness Project and Vegan Treat Box, which offer all sorts of foods for your guilt-free consumption. There are also companies such as Graze that aren’t specifically designed for vegans, but make it very clear which products are acceptable for those of a vegan persuasion and therefore offer something a little different from other boxes on the market.

What Comes Included?

Obviously, it depends entirely on which box you subscribe to, though it’s a fairly self-evident truth that whichever one you opt for will feature goods that are 100% free of animal testing, meat and so on. The Vegan Kind is the main box to consider if you’re looking for vegan suitable make-up and cosmetics as it features 5-8 products including both snacks and skincare products. Try not to eat the lipstick or put the food on your face, though.

The rest of the subscription boxes here are all about snacking. You’ll receive vegan-friendly drinks, protein bars, chocolates, biscuits, sweets and more. The aim is to give you something that you can eat on the go or when you get peckish, as those are the things that are most difficult to come across in the shops.