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Primal Snack Box

There is a belief in some quarters that the best diet of all time was the one followed by cavemen. That is called the ‘paleo diet’ and it those that follow it that Primal Snacks consider to be their target audience. The company offers both one-off boxes and a subscription service, depending on what you’re after.

The boxes contain snacks that contain no dairy, no refined sugar, no gluten and no grains. In other words, none of the stuff that cavemen wouldn’t have had access to thousands of years ago. They followed a diet filled with wild meats and plants they were able to forage, keeping them lean and fit. Now you can do the same thing, hopefully achieving the same results!

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Healthy snacks for those on the 'paleo diet' that do not contain dairy, sugar, gluten, or grains
How often does it come? Once per month
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How Does It Work?

Primal Snack boxes can be bought in either one-off packages or long-term subscriptions. The key thing to note is that even the long-term subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, so you won’t be locked in to any kind of dangerous plan that you can’t get out of. Instead you’ll receive a box full of snacks once a month until you decide you no longer want them.

What Do You Get?

Whether you go for the one-off box or the long term subscription, what you’ll get is a box filled with paleo diet compliant snacks. The boxes are well balanced, meaning you’ll get the right amount of nutritious goodies every month.

Each box, regardless of theme, will contain between 7 and 10 paleo suitable snacks or food items for your consumption. These can range from raw snacks through to nut and seed mixes, but you can even get paleo suitable chocolate treats!


Savannah Box
The Savannah Box (High Protein)

There are a couple of options for you to choose from as far as subscription boxes are concerned, starting with the Savannah Box. This consists of a combination of dried meat products that are high in protein and a whole host of nutritious snacks.

The Forest Box
The Forest Box (Vegan-Friendly)

Next on the list comes the Forest Box, catering specifically for vegans and vegetarians. The snacks are, therefore, meat free and tend to consist of things like crisps made of kale and the aforementioned paleo chocolate snacks.

The Barrecore Box
The Barrecore Box (Paleo)

The final subscription box option is the Barrecore Box, specially put together for the company by Barrecore founder, Niki Rein. Niki picks her favourite treats each month to keep you happy and healthy.


All of those options are also available as one-off boxes with both the Savannah Box and The Forest Box also coming in ‘Explorer’ varieties. These boxes are smaller than their counterparts, giving you a sample of mini selections from each type of box – ideal if you’re not sure if the boxes in general are for you.


The Savannah Box is the only one that contains dried meat, so if you plump for that one you’ll get things like Tamarind & Chipotle Beef Jerky, Power Pack Beef Biltong or Peppered Turkey Bar. The box also contains a selection of regular snacks that you’d be likely to find in the Forest box. As the non-meat option, the Forest Box contains things like Chia & Vanilla Bars, a Sahara Trail Mix and a Chaga Mushroom drink.