Beer Subscription Boxes

If you're tired of the beer at your local supermarket and want to try some of the amazing small-batch craft beer from around the world, then you should definitely sign up to a beer subscription box. In our top subscription choices, you'll receive 8 or 10 different craft beers monthly and with each box at £24 per month, they are equal in price but different in content. Flavourly is particularly great because it allows you to opt for the types of beer you would normally drink, so if you hate darker beers, you can avoid those altogether.

Top Beer Subscription Services

From £24/Month

Flavourly offers boxes of 10 small batch craft brews from around the world straight to your door each month with the option to receive a light beer box, a dark beer box, or a mixed beer box if you have no real preference. The beer also comes with tasting notes and you can suspend your monthly delivery if you're away on holiday or need to catch up on last month's supply that you've not had time to drink.

From £24/Month

Selected from over 12,000 microbreweries, Beer52 is a monthly subscription box for beer lovers who want to explore new brews. Whilst you cannot choose which beers you’re going to receive, you’ll receive 8 or 10 carefully selected beers each month along with some tasting notes. The beer is also extremely fresh having only been brewed 4-6 weeks prior to landing on your doorstep.

From £24/Month

Beer Hawk allows you to choose between three sizes of beer subscriptions, sending you 9 or 15 craft beers each month depending on your preference. The boxes tend to come with some sort of theme and the company promises to never send the same beer twice in the same year. 

ALES BY MAIL - closed
From £17/Month

Ales by Mail sends you a selection of craft beer from around the globe with options to build your own box tailored to your tastes or to receive a beer club subscription that sends out beers from the USA. The subscription includes everything from porters to double IPAs to seasonal pumpkin ales with a beer for each week of the year.


More Boxes

From £21/Month (gin club From £29.95/Month)

With DrinksBox you can either get 6 or 12 craft beers a month or you can opt for their gin and tonic tasting box.

From £17.90/Month

Honest Brew sends you 9, 12, or 18 unique craft beers a month personalised to your taste preferences with an initial 'Taster Kit' to get you started.

From £36 (Every 12 Weeks)

BeerBods delivers a case of 12 beers along with the story behind each bottle, which works out to roughly just three quid a week.

Best of British Beer
From £27/Month

The Best of British Beer selects just that - the best brews from around the UK with a number of different beer club options, including the popular craft beer club.

From £28/Month

With EeBria you can subscribe and receive 12 beers each month either from one UK brewery or a selection of brews featured on the EeBria website.

From £32/Month

Hoppist is a craft beer subscription, featuring beers from London breweries. Choose from a selection of 12 London beers a month or 24.

The Beer Isle
From £33/Month

The Beer Isle subscription box allows you discover British beer with 12 bottles delivered each month from different regions of Britain.


Which Companies Offer Beer Boxes?

There are two major companies that offer beer subscription boxes in the UK, namely Flavourly and Beer52. For Flavourly it’s all about the small batch craft brews, whilst Beer52 have deals in place with a huge amount of microbreweries, so they can introduce to you all sorts of new beers and ales.

In recent times both Ales by Mail and Beer Hawk have been expanding their operations, meaning there are more options for your beer and ale needs at the top end of the market. Ales by Mail concentrate on craft beers from the United States and Beer Hawk go for hand-selected beers that aren’t readily available in local shops or supermarkets.

Luckily for the beer lovers of the world it’s a crowded market, so your choices aren’t limited merely to those big four companies. DrinksBox, HonestBrew and Best of British Beer all offer something a little bit different and nice and specific, helping you choose which one is best for you. EeBria and The Beer Isle complete the list of companies offering beers with both promising you the opportunity to get to know beers and ales from across the UK.

What Comes Included?

As stupid as it may sound, each box comes with a different amount of beers or ales for you to try. Most of them offer bottles but you might get a can or two depending on the company and the way the brewery likes to store their goods.

The boxes don’t tend to be filled with what you might refer to as ‘sample’ sized drinks, instead being full-size bottles of beer that give you a real chance to sample them and get to know what it is you might end up buying full crates of. Each company offers a different amount of bottles, too, though somewhere in the region of ten is a decent bet. The other thing some companies offer is ‘snacks’ that are meant to compliment your chosen ales, though these don’t come as standard.


How much you’ll pay depends on how much beer you’d like to drink. Between £24 and £35 per month is a reasonably decent bet for the entry level amount of ales for most of the companies on the market. Virtually all of them offer a selection of options, however, meaning prices increase based on a number of factors.

If you’d like beers delivered more regularly than the standard schedule or you’d prefer your crates to contain a few more bottles than the basic amount then you’ll pay more for the pleasure. If you want to get the snacks that are chosen specifically to compliment your beers then that will also increase the amount of money you’re asked to pay.