Beer52Beer 52 is a company that allows you to sample different delicious craft beers each month. They introduce you to some of their favourite beers from around the world. So, whether you’re a new member of the craft beer appreciation society or a long-suffering aficionado, you’ll learn something about the craft beer industry and love what you get through the post from Beer 52.

Choose between two boxes that offers 8 or 10 different craft beers, as well as the type of beer you're looking to receive like a mixed case that includes both darker and lighter beers or a box that's just 'light & hoppy'. As with most subscription services, the longer you sign up, the more of a discount you'll receive.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? 8 or 10 fresh craft beers
How often does it come? Monthly
Sent from UK
Options Choose between 8 or 10 beers / Beer Type (E.g. 'Mixed & Surprising' or 'Light & Hoppy')

How Does It Work?

Unlike some subscription services that give you a myriad of different options, Beer 52 keeps things simple. You sign up to their monthly service and they send you a selection of beers made by microbreweries around the world. It really is that easy. No complicated menus, no going around the houses to get what you want; just beer delivered on a monthly basis.

What Do You Get?

Each month you will receive eight different beers from around the world and a magazine that explains all about the beers and where they’ve come from. The beers are chosen by the company’s experts and tend to have a different theme to their selection each month. The other thing of note is that you receive the beers within 4-6 weeks of them being brewed - you can’t get fresher than that!


In essence, there aren’t really any options here as, at the time of writing, Beer 52 don’t let you curate your own box. You get what you’re given, but they do promise you quality stuff from over 12,000 microbreweries.

One thing you can do, though, is choose between receiving a box of 8 beers or a box of 10 beers. Obviously, the price you pay depends on how often you receive it, with big discounts for those who subscribe annually, but we'll discuss this later in the price section.


Wild Goose Chase is a pale ale brewed with gooseberries and a wild yeast. Neck Oil is an Indian Pale Ale brewed by Beavertown and one that the company refers to as a ‘Session ale’. American Dream is a Czechoslovakian style pilsner with a golden colour, packed full of American hops. All of them have been sent out as part of the Beer 52 craft beer box set in the past, so you know you’ll get some tasty and quality stuff.