Snack Subscription Boxes

There are a number of different snack subscription services you can find online today. They generally all work in the same way: you tell them the sort of snack you’d like, choose how often you’d like them delivered then place your order.

Normally the snacks in your box will be selected at random depending on roughly the sort of thing you’ve said you like. You can’t normally select specific boxes to receive, but you can let the company know which ones you’d like more of and which ones you don’t want to receive at all.

Top Snack Subscription Services

From £3.99/Box

Graze offers regular snacking boxes, which can be personalised to your snacking needs and delivered to your home or office. With variety boxes, light & healthy snacking options, and protein-fuelled snacks, Graze offers plenty of variety with over 100 options. Olives, nuts, popcorn, biscuits, and chocolate are just some of the snacks you’ll find.

Primal Snack Box
From £19.99/Month

Primal Snack Box offers paleo snacks, which are free from grains, gluten, soy, dairy, and refined sugars. You can receive a one-off box or sign up for a monthly subscription and each box comes with 7-10 snacks. Examples include raw snacks, nut & seed mixes, and even Paleo-friendly chocolate.


More Boxes

Cheese Posties
Cheese Posties - closed
From £3.98/Month

Cheese Posties sends an array of inventive cheese toasties to your door deconstructed so all you have to do it put it together and toast it.

Ramen Box
Ramen Box - closed
From £16.95/Month

Ramen Box includes 6-8 packs of instant ramen, along with savoury snacks and sauces to top your noodles - the perfect subscription box for a student or someone who just loves ramen.

Chimasu - closed
From £18/Month

Chimasu sends 12-15 Oriental snack foods each month, including biscuits & cakes, crisps, and various candies from the Far East.

From £6.67/Month

WowBoxMe is a monthly surprise box of 10 handpicked products that includes an interesting selection of snacks & confectionary, as well the option to add wine & beer.


Healthier Options

The Nutribox
From £40/Month

The Nutribox contains healthy and gluten-free snacking items, such as fruit & nuts, fruit crisps, and flavourful olives with each box containing 50 items.

LifeBox Food
From £19.95/Month

LifeBox Food's subscription box includes not only natural & wholesome snacks, but also beverages, recipe mixes, spices, healthy nutrients, and more.


Which Companies Offer Snack Boxes?

The most famous company in the snack box subscription market is undoubtedly Graze. Offering different types of snacks, including breakfast boxes and snack boxes for kids, they will deliver as many boxes as you’d like as often as you’d like for £3.99 a box.

Primal Snack Box is a company that offers snacks that follow the paleo diet. You can get them monthly or as a one-off treat. The boxes aren’t cheap, though, coming in at about £20 a pop. All of their snacks are free from grains, gluten, soy, dairy, and refined sugars. There are two types of box currently available: the savannah, which is a meat based box, and the forest, which is for vegans. Although if you're looking for something entirely Vegan-friendly - be sure to check out our page dedicated to Vegan-friendly subscription boxes

What Else Can You Get?

Some of the more interesting options include things like Cheese Posties - a company that sends you everything you need to make a cheese toastie right at home. From sweet to savoury options, you'll probably never find a better, more inventive grilled cheese. There are also interesting oriental snacks from Chimasu, including cakes and crisps from Asia that you just can't source from your local British market. And, for those wishing to stay trim, let's not forget the healthier options. Nutribox offers some gluten-free options, while Life Box Food has some wholesome snacks for the entire family.

In short, there are no shortage of options when it comes to the snack market. From basic snacks that are ideal for lunchboxes or just something healthy to snack on in the office - subscription boxes are a great way to mix up your snacking.


From a pricing point of view, the amount of money you’ll have to spend is essentially down to you. Generally, though, you’ll be looking at the £20 a month mark. Whether that’s through a monthly subscription that gets delivered as and when, or a weekly price in the region of the £4 to £5 mark is down to the company, or down to how often you want things delivered.

Sufficed to say, whether you’re after some interesting snacks, more wholesome things to keep you going at work, or if you’re looking for a nice fruit based option to send your child to school with, have a look online and you’ll be able to find the right thing for you and yours.