Gin & Cocktail Subscription Boxes

Just like craft beer, craft gin is becoming more and more popular, as the classic gin and tonic is still in style with many pubs and bars these days offering a variety of different gins. Ever tried a gin that tastes like whiskey garnished with an orange slice? If that sounds interesting and you're wanting to explore more of the gin world, then a gin subscription is a great way to sample some new, interesting gins without having to break the bank and buy the full bottles.

Gin Subscription Services

The Gin Crowd
The Gin Crowd - closed

The Gin Crowd offers a gin subscription with three 50ml bottles of gin delivered to your door each month chosen from various craft distilleries around the world. Whilst taste-testing gin could very well be an expensive hobby, the Gin Crowd offers affordable craft gin tasting at home from new and unique distilleries. Perfect for the gin lover in your family.


More Boxes


Craft Gin Club

The Craft Gin Club sends out 1 bottle of small-batch gin every month, every other month, or every 3 months and is the perfect gift for gin connoisseurs.

DrinksBox - Closed

DrinksBox's Gin Club has a bottle of gin, 6 tonics, & a garnish, or 4 100ml taster bottles with 2 tonics. Alternatively, they offer a Craft Beer Box.


Other Spirits

Taste Cocktails

Taste Cocktails allows you to do just that with high quality spirits and recipe cards that allow you to make inventive cocktails at home.


Flaviar allows you to try and enjoy premium craft spirits, including whisky, bourbon, cognac, gin, and rum with each package containing three different 45ml tastings.


Which Companies Offer Gin & Spirit Boxes?

There is one main gin subscription box company on the market right now: The Gin Crowd. Though there are other companies that we’ll mention in a moment, it’s odd that a part of the alcohol industry that has undergone a real boom in recent years doesn’t have a more competitive subscription box market. That will doubtless come in the next couple of years, but for now you’ll be delighted to know that The Gin Crowd is there to let you get to know your gins on a monthly basis.

DrinksBox is another company that is starting to get into the gin market, though they are better known at the moment for their craft beer selections. The Craft Gin Club is another company that is starting to build up a bit of a following, sending out small-batch gin selections on a regular or semi-regular basis.

If you’re not really a gin drinker then Flaviar might be more up your street. This subscription box is all about different premium spirits on the market. You’ll get to try all sorts of things so you aren’t limited to something you’re not keen on. If you like to be inventive, then Taste Cocktails is one of the best subscription boxes on the market for people who like to think of themselves as mixologists.

What Comes Included?

It depends on the service you opt for, obviously, though it’s a safe bet that you're going to get bottles of spirits that will let you have a sample of things that would be significantly more expensive if you were to buy a full bottle.

Some companies will send you several taster bottles of around 50ml in size, whilst the Craft Gin Club prefer to send you a proper bottle of gin that you wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. DrinksBox are all about the ‘drinking experience’, so you’ll get your gin plus some tonics and even a garnish to go with it.

The cocktail option sends you what you’d expect to be able to make a cocktail: High-end spirits along with recipe cards to give you an idea of how to mix the drinks and what to mix them with to get a tasty drink. Flaviar send you three premium spirits in 45ml size every month.