Coffee & Tea Subscription Boxes

Coffee subscription boxes are a great way to try out different coffees from around the globe and are relatively affordable at just around £7 per month. Our top coffee subscription services source their coffee beans from around the world from small-batch farmers and freshly roast them here in the UK, so signing up to a subscription box is the best way to try new coffee that you just cannot find in your local market.

In addition to our top subscriptions, we list the other coffee boxes you can receive within the United Kingdom, as well as a few options for those that prefer tea, but are slightly more adventurous than just fancying a cup of the bog-standard PG Tips.

Top Coffee & Tea Subscription Services

Cafédirect Handpicked
From £7.95/Month

Cafédirect Handpicked, formerly known as Kopi Coffee, is a monthly subscription for coffee lovers with coffee beans carefully selected from small, local farmers from all over. Each month, you’ll receive a 250g bag of coffee – ground or whole beans – so, you can discover a new type of coffee from around the world.

Pact Coffee
From £6.95/Month

For ‘lovingly hand-roasted’ quality coffee beans, Pact Coffee delivers fresh coffee grounds straight to your doorstep. The coffee is sourced from farmers around the globe, which is roasted here in the UK in small batches and ground right before posting.


The famous high street Whittard, an international coffee & tea retailer, offers a monthly tea club for those wanting more out of their every day hot beverages. Whittard sends out a monthly supply of three different loose leaf teas to sample, along with tasting cards to help you learn a bit more about what you're drinking. 

From £14.17/Month

Teabox is a tea subscription for tea lovers who want to enjoy more than just your standard cup of English Breakfast tea. Sourced from all around the world, you can customise a box that matches the type of tastes you typically enjoy and also specify how many cups you want a month, which ranges from 12 all the way up to 150!


More Boxes


Cafe Pod
From £16.95/Month | MORE INFORMATION

Choose a plan that includes 60, 80 or 400 Nespresso-compatible capsules for delivery every 4 weeks, as well as selecting the types of coffee you'd like to receive.

Bean Heroes
Bean Heroes
From £5.95/Month

Bean Heroes feature a coffee subscription, allowing you to explore new flavours of coffee & 20% of their profits are donated to great causes.

Coffee Factory
Coffee Factory
From £7.50/Month

The Coffee Factory has a Coffee Club where you can discover a new coffee each month, which is hand-roasted to your liking.

Coffee Tasting Club
Coffee Tasting Club - closed
From £7.95/Month

Coffee Tasting Club stocks the best coffee from UK roasters, allowing you to choose your grounds based on your method of brewing.

Eightpointnine Coffee
Eightpointnine Coffee - closed
From £7.50/Month

Eightpointnine Coffee sources their coffee from plantations, such as Brazil & Costa Rica, and hand blends it to your personal specification.

Has Bean Coffee
Has Bean Coffee
From £6.50/Month

Has Bean Coffee's subscription service includes weekly or monthly coffee deliveries from the regions of Africa, America, and Asia.

Press Coffeehouse
Press Coffeehouse - closed
From £9.75/Month

Press Coffeehouse finds coffee from high-quality roasteries around the world and sends it to you in the roasters' own beautiful packaging.

Sea Island Coffee
Sea Island Coffee
From £15/Month

Sea Island Coffee's subscription includes monthly coffee delivered to your door, which has been carefully sourced from all over the globe.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters
Square Mile Coffee Roasters
From £11.67/Month

Square Mile Coffee Roasters offers a coffee subscription with new coffees available to try each month - a perfect gift for any coffee lover.

The Coffee Roasters
From £8.50/Month

The Coffee Roasters brings together over 100 specialty coffees from around the world, which you can select based upon your own personal preferences.

The Cocoa & Roast Club - closed
From £19.99/Month

For the finest artisan coffee and chocolate every month, check out the Cocoa & Roast Club.

Rave Coffee
From £4.50/Month

Rave Coffee offers a monthly coffee subscription that includes a 250g bag of coffee, tasting notes, and a brewing guide booklet.

Bailies Coffee Roasters
From £40 (6 Month Subscription)

Bailies Coffee Roasters has a monthly coffee club that delivers espresso or Microlot coffee straight to your doorstep.

Artisan Roast
From £7.08/250G OF COFFEE

Artisan Roast offers a gourmet coffee club for you or a friend with freshly roasted coffee beans mailed every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks. 


Tea Subscription Boxes

From £9.99/Month

TeaTurtle sends out a monthly selection of approximately 120g of loose leaf tea where the packaging is completely plastic free.

Book and a Brew
Book and a Brew
From £12.99/Month

Book & a Brew sends out a new hardback novel each month, along with tea and there is even a kids option that includes a book & a healthy drink.

Curious Tea
Curious Tea
From £16.95/Month

Curious Tea offers monthly boxes of loose leaf tea where you can specify your tastes (light, dark, mixture) and experience a wide range of teas.

Eteaket Tea Club
Eteaket Tea Club
From £13.32/Month

With the Eteaket Tea Club you'll receive a large bag of loose leaf tea each month along with a cute polka dotted teapot and tea map your first month.

London Tea Club
London Tea Club
From £10/Month

The London Tea Club sends out three teas from around the world each month based on your own personal tastes.

From £14/Month

With Teabox you can get a monthly box of loose-leaf tea based on your taste preferences and if you don’t like it, the company will include extra in your next box.

Bruu Tea
From £10/Month

Bruu Tea is a monthly gourmet tea club that sends out 3 different teas a month, which provides over 40 cups of tea with free delivery.

Adagio Tea
From £34 (6 Month Subscription)

Adagio Tea’s Tea of the Month Club explores a huge selection of loose-leaf teas with herbal, black, green/oolong, and more.

Cha Tale - closed
From £6.49/Month

If you’re after more interesting and unusual teas, Cha Tale will open your tea horizons with their monthly selection of loose-leaf teas.

From £8/Month

The famous Teapigs has a monthly tea subscription that allows you to try 3 of their varoius Teapig tea flavours each month.


Hot Chocolate subscription Boxes

Hot Choc Club
From £10/Month

The Hot Choc Club is a subscription box aimed at the hot chocolate lover, which sends out a monthly supply of interesting, luxury hot chocolate all made from real chocolate.


Which Companies Offer Coffee & Tea Boxes?

Coffee is the sort of drink that can be luxuriated over with different beans and roasting methods promising a varied tasting experience. It’s little wonder, then, that the coffee subscription box market is a crowded one. There are two chief companies that dominate that market, though, with Cafédirect Handpicked offering carefully selected choices and Pact Coffee promising hand-roasted options.

There are many more coffee specific companies to choose from, each promising something slightly different from the other. Aroamaah! (now closed), for example, sourced their coffee from micro-roasters and appeal to the good Samaritan in you by sending a portion of their profits to kids in need. Eightpointnine Coffee get their goods from plantations, whilst The Cocoa & Roast Club promise both coffee and chocolate.

Though there is a huge variation in the different types of tea you can get there isn’t yet a company who have grabbed the market by the scruff of the neck and made it their own. That said, well-known tea company Whittard has a ‘Tea & Coffee Club’ that will send you some of either of your favourite hot drink. Again, there are plenty of companies working in this corner of the market even if they’re not dominating it. Curious Tea send loose leaf tea, for example, and the famous Teabox brand also have a subscription service.

What Comes Included?

As always this really depends on what you’re after. From a coffee point of view you can normally choose whether you’d like to receive fresh beans or pre-ground coffee. The various companies offer different things from each other, with some sending one bag of one type of coffee per month, whilst others go for several small bags of assorted coffees from around the world, giving you the chance to try different flavours.

For the tea boxes you get similar options, only they ask you to choose between loose leaf and pre-bagged tea selections. Again, though, you might get one particular type of tea in a larger bag or several different types of tea to give you the opportunity to broaden your tea horizons. From variations on the standard tea leaf theme through to flavoured teas like strawberry or mint, there will be a package available that appeals to your tea drinking sensibilities.


Prices vary widely on the coffee subscription box front, with what you choose to receive and how long you’d like to subscribe for causing the largest discrepancies. Some companies offer a minimum six-month subscription, for example, pushing the price up. If you’d like a rough guide price, though, then you will be able to have your choice of companies if you’re prepared to spend around £7 per month.

Tea subscriptions are, strangely, slightly pricier. Here you’re looking at around the £10 mark, with some pushing up to £15.