Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee

As a company, Pact believe in the notion that coffee is at its best when its fresh. That’s why they send their coffee beans to you as soon as they possibly can. Getting a subscription will see you receive top quality coffee on a monthly basis.

Pact Coffee sources their coffee beans from farmers all around the world and are then roasted here in the UK right before being sent to your doorstep. The packages also fit through the letterbox so they'll be waiting for you when you get home.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? 250g of whole coffee beans or coffee grounds
How often does it come? Every 7, 14, or 28 days
Sent from UK
Options Whole beans or ground for Cafetiere, AeroPress, Drip, Stovetop, Espresso

How Does It Work?

Like most subscription services, you sign up for a monthly delivery of coffee and pay a monthly fee in exchange. Unlike most companies, though, Pact wants things to be as simple as possible for you. For that reason you can pause your deliveries, reschedule them for another time or even bring your delivery forward if you’re desperate to get some more coffee beans through the door.

You can request bags of coffee from the company via every method bar carrier pigeon, with email, SMS and telephone all options alongside the more regular method of online orders. They deliberately make their boxes of such a size so as to ensure they can fit through 90% of letter boxes, so you don’t even need to be in when the postman comes calling.

What Do You Get?

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Pact specialises in the best coffee you can get. More importantly, you get it fresh, so you’ll receive it within a week of it being roasted if you opt for the roasted selection or within a day or two of it being ground if you prefer that sort of bean delivery.


At the moment Pact only offer ground or roasted coffee, but they are working on a pods that would be compatible with Nespresso machines. The company give you plenty of options for the coffee you receive and they’ll even help you decide what’s right for you depending on how you like to brew your drink.

The company sells plenty of different coffees but none of them are artificially flavoured. All of the flavours in Pact’s coffees are embedded into the bean from the plants and fields where they are grown. What you can find are coffees with ‘taste notes’ that the company’s head taster thinks you might like. Chocolates, fruits and more can all be found here.


Fruit and Nut Espresso, El Injerto, Manila San Ignacio are all examples of coffees that the company offers. How relevant they think the different flavours are to you depends entirely on whether you like to grind your beans, use a percolator or you prefer to pop your beans into a cafetiere.

If you’re a coffee drinker then you’ll know how good it is to find a blend that you love. With Pact there will be options a plenty for you to choose from to turn yourself from a lover into an aficionado. There are decaffeinated options, beans with a pecan pie flavour and even hints of apricot and blueberry tart. They also do Limited Edition coffees from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled for those, too.