Subscription Boxes for Kids

If you’re a stay-at-home mum or dad and are in constant need of new activities to keep your little ones entertained, subscription boxes for children can be a great idea. With various art projects to do or activities to keep kids going on a rainy day, your child will be very excited to receive a parcel with their name on it each month.

There are also boxes available for babies tailored to their age and stage of development, as well as boxes for expecting mums to help you throughout your pregnancy with both advice, useful products, as well as gifts to treat yourself.

Top Children Subscription Services

Geo Journey

Geo Journey offers “Big adventures for Little Explorers” and is an educational subscription box for children that teaches them about geography or space. The box follows Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy on an adventure around the world or through space, including fact-filled letters, postcards, activity booklets, a passport and travel journal to keep a record of your adventures and much more!


Aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 8 and developed by educational experts, toucanBox provides a monthly subscription for kids with all the materials needed to create a craft project. The boxes tend to follow a theme and also include stickers to collect that allow you to claim exciting new gifts. The box options include 1, 2, or 4 activities with some having the option to add additional supplies for more than one child.

Letterbox Lab

Letterbox Lab sends out science experiments in the post that includes all of the instructions, equipment and supplies you'll need to complete exciting science experiments at home with your kids. Designed by husband and wife science-loving team, Bryan & Mia, you're sure to have great fun at home doing these experiments with your kids and maybe even learning something in the process.

Fred's Box
FRED'S BOX - closed

Fred's Box offers a couple of different options in terms of subscription boxes for children. The first being a box of Ooshies, which are small, squishy collectibles of well-known characters that fit on the top of a pencil. You can choose from a monthly box of 2, 4, 6 or 10. Secondly, Fred's Box offers a monthly mystery box, which includes eight different mystery items based on your child's age and interests. Examples include trading cards, collectible toys, books, Ooshies and more. 

My Geek Box Kids
My Geek Box Kids - closed

My Geek Box does a box for kids aged 5-11, featuring goodies from your children's favourite franchises. Choose between a 'Little Heros' box, featuring items like legos with Batman, Star Wars, and Captain American or a 'Little Princess' box, featuring characters like Super Girl, Frozen, and Disney princesses. Items tend to include some sort of plush character and other fun and educational toys.


More Boxes


Bookabees sends out anywhere from 1 to 5 books a month for children aged 0-11 with half price on your first box. The books are hand selected for your child's age and interests.

Mister Maker Club

Mister Maker Club arrives every two weeks and is filled with all the necessary supplies for an art project that follows various themes, such as space travel, sealife, insects, etc.

Brainboost - closed

Brainboost offers activity boxes for children aged 2 - 12 years old, which are both fun and educational.

Build Ur Bricks - closed

For the Lego aficionado in your household, check out Build Ur Bricks, which allows you to use recycled Lego sets and then swap them for new ones when you're done.

Sassy Kids Box
Sassy Kids Box - closed

Sassy Kids Box is a children's box delivered fortnightly, which includes fun activities for your child, along with family game ideas, fun facts, and other great extras.

The Rainy Day Box Co
Rainy Day Box - closed

Rainy Day Boxes are fun-filled seasonal activity boxes to your children, including art projects & even baking.

Koalapak - closed
From £8.95/Month

Delivering arts, crafts, and science projects for children between 3-8 years old, Koalapak provides fun & educational projects for your kids.

Book Buggy
Book Buggy - closed
From £18.99/Month

Book Buggy offers a book subscription for children aged 0 - 5, which is personalised to your child's age, interests, and events in their lives.


Boxes for Babies

Belles and Babes

Belles and Babes sends out a selection of organic baby clothes that you can use and return as your baby grows.

Sassy Bloom
Sassy Bloom - closed

Sassy Bloom is a subscription for your baby tailored to his or her age and stage of development with bonus gifts for mum too.


Boxes for Expecting Mums

Luxe Box London
Luxe Box London - closed

Luxe Box London has a range of different boxes available including a Baking box, a box for Mum & Baby, and other high-quality gift boxes.

Project B
Project B - closed

Project B is a box for expecting new mothers with products to help you each step of the way through your pregnancy, along with advice & pampering.


Which Companies Offer Kids Boxes?

As you would expect with a large market of children and the need to keep them entertained, there are a number of companies offering subscription box services for kids. There is one main one, though, in the form of toucanBox. It is aimed quite specifically at children between the ages of 3 and 8, essentially promising a sort of ‘Blue Peter in a box’ experience.

There are other companies that try to offer something a little different from toucanBox. Build Ur Bricks, for example, allows the use and exchange of Lego bricks to keep you and your kids entertained. Book Buggy, as the name suggests, is a book subscription service for children aged 5 and under.

There are two other markets within the ‘children’ section that have their own subscription box services. Sassy Bloom is aimed firmly at babies, offering the possibility to tailor what you get delivered to your little one’s developmental stage. Luxe Box London and Project B, meanwhile, target mums-to-be, with the latter offering tips and equipment to help you through your pregnancy.

What Comes Included?

Pretty much every company in this section of the market offers something a little different, but they all promise to send you products that are both educational and fun to use. Depending on the subscription box service you turn to you can expect to see things like art projects, baking materials, books, activities and, in one specific case, Lego pieces.

The boxes for expectant mums tend to feature things that a mum-to-be would find useful. In some instances that includes educational materials about what the pregnancy experience is going to be like, whilst in others your box might contain things to pamper yourself with during your gestation period. Luxe Box London aims for the high-end of the market with numerous specific boxes filled with top-quality gifts.