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The idea behind La box Quejadore Paris is to give women a slice of Parisian spirit every two months. It’s a chance to keep up to date with all of the prevailing trends from the capital of love. It’s not merely your standard beauty box, though, as it’s not simply make-up and cosmetics. It’s about receiving a piece of France on a regular basis.

La box Quejadore is aimed at women with a curious personality who not only want to keep up with the current trends from France’s capital but do so in a fun and interesting way. The boxes are filled with items from both well-known and unknown brands and they tell a different story about Parisian life with each delivery. They are chosen by Quejadore’s editorial team after time spent soaking up the capital’s culture.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? A box for women including an accessory, a beauty product, a cosmetic, a gadget, a surprise, and a cultural product from Paris
How often does it come? Every two months
Sent from France

La box Quejadore Review

By Kim (Summer 2016 Box)

I received La box Quejadore about a week after my order was processed. The box came by DPD delivery so I knew exactly when it was arriving, as I received an email about the delivery time that morning, which gave me an hour window as to when it might be delivered. So, if you're not going to be in, you can opt to have it delivered to a safe place, leave it with a neighbour, or even rearrange the delivery time if you need to.

La box Quejadore Summer 2016

First Impressions

From the moment I opened the parcel and saw the box, I knew I was going to love the contents. In fact, one of my favourite things about La box Quejadore is the box itself. Maybe that sounds silly, but it's just one of those boxes you wouldn't ever throw away. It's super high quality, so will be really useful to store things in or even use as a gift box (just put a cute bow over the company logo and no one will be the wiser). The outside of the July box is beautifully illustrated with two friends enjoying a sunny day on what appears to be a beach along the French Riviera.

What I Received

On the website, La box Quejadore promise 6 items in each box, including an accessory, a bio product, a cosmetic, a gadget, a cultural product, and a surprise. So, for this month's box, this is what I found, along with my thoughts about each item:

Accessory: Marc Labat Sunglasses

Marc Labat SunglassesThe accessory was a pair of Marc Labat sunglasses along with a useful white and black striped case to keep them in. Marc Labat seems to be a small shop in the heart of Paris that sells leather goods, like handbags, along with jewelry and accessories. The sunglasses are good quality and have cute, yet subtle, metal hearts aligning each arm of the glasses. For me, sunglasses are really hard to shop for, but with these, I feel like they would suit almost anyone. They seem like something Audrey Hepburn would have worn – very classy and elegant – and when I'm wearing them I feel like I should be shopping along the Champs-Élysées.

Bio Product: Mango Lipbalm

Mango LipbalmThe bio product was some lovely Mango Lipbalm. I personally love mango and I love lip balm, so this was one of my favourite items. It was a little awkward to get it going if I'm honest, as it wasn't quite smooth at the top, but this just makes you realise that it's handmade and something that you just can't source from your local pharmacy. It smells fantastic and it really seems to lock in moisture. 

Cosmetic: Aveda Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser

Aveda Sun Care hair & body cleanserThe cosmetic was a sample bottle of Aveda Sun Care hair & body cleanser. This is the perfect product for anyone who has spent the day swimming in a highly chlorinated pool, as the product is meant to remove any harsh chemicals from your hair and skin. It's not something I would choose to use everyday, as it's quite a strong product, but it would be ideal for repairing your hair from the damage of chlorine.

Gadget: Marc Labat Fish Hair Clip

Marc Labat Fish Hairclip The gadget was a black and white striped Marc Labat fish hair clip, which will match most casual wear. Okay, I'm not really sure I would call a hair clip a "gadget", but it's both cute and quirky and is well made. It will pair nicely with my new Marc Labat sunglasses and would be ideal for a casual summer stroll along the beach when you need to keep your hair out of your face. It's not something I would have ever thought to buy for myself, but that's partly why I love it. It's like a gift you've received from your friend that you didn't know you wanted until you had it.

Cultural Product: Jérémy Kapone CD

Jérémy Kapone CDThe cultural product was a CD of the French artist, Jérémy Kapone, entitled "À ce moment même". This one is interesting and not something I was necessarily expecting. Jérémy Kapone is a French actor, singer, and songwriter and he just released an album this year. Unfortunately for me, I actually realised that I had no way of playing this, as I no longer have a CD player and my laptop doesn't have a CD drive, so I shall have to find another way of getting this on my iPhone. I looked up some of Jérémy's music on YouTube though and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is he gorgeous, but he has an amazing voice, is a talented guitarist, and yes, I could happily listen to his beautiful French accent for hours on end.

Surprise: Glov Hydro Demaquillage

Glov Hydro DemaquillageThe surprise was a makeup remover that is meant to remove your makeup with just water. Inside the plastic pouch there is a small fibre glove that fits onto one finger. After using it, I used a face wipe to test whether there was any residual makeup left behind and it came clean. I'm quite impressed with this one, as I use Mac's Pro Longwear waterproof foundation, as well as their waterproof mascara, and it removed everything! It says you can use it for up to 3 months too. It's probably not something I'd choose to use all of the time, but it's a nice option if you're somewhere (like a music festival) where you don't have a sink in front of you.

Other Bits

The box also came with a booklet explaining a bit about the contents of the box, along with some recipes and promotions for some French companies (that don't really apply to us here in the UK). The booklet was all in French, but luckily, having taken a French class recently, I muddled my way through it. To be honest though, the contents of the booklet isn't all that necessary, as everything within the box is pretty self-explanatory. For me, the fact that it was all in French was a big part of its charm.

Lastly, there was an adorable postcard of two friends enjoying some afternoon drinks in sunny Paris. The illustration is super cute and I'll probably use this as a thank you card for a friend or something to that effect.

In Sum

Overall, I love La box Quejadore and I would definitely recommend it for any woman who loves France, Paris, beauty products, and surprises through the post. I found the box to be very cohesive and if I had to describe this July's box in a statement it would be "a Parisian summer in a box". So, if you can't get to France, La box Quejadore will bring a little piece of France to your doorstep.

How Does It Work?

As with the majority of subscription services, the process is quite simple. You sign up to receive a given number of boxes for a set length of time and you pay an amount of money for as long as you receive the boxes. If and when you decide you don’t want any more boxes then you cancel your subscription and you stop paying the money.

What Do You Get?

You get a beauty box with a difference. It contains numerous items with a distinctly Parisian feel. From organic products and gadgets through to items with a cultural twist and French cosmetics. You also get an amazing surprise every month. What’s not to love about that?

Each box also contains an illustrated notebook that tells you all about the items in your box including  information as to where about in Paris they are from, what the items are, and what characteristics they contain. You’ll also find it contains discount codes and promotional information that you can use to get money off on different things with some of them being valid for the Quejadore website itself.

The contents of each box is special. It offers you not just things to make you more beautiful and wonderful but also to let you get a feeling of France, a slice of the spirit of Paris that is about romance, adventure, and resilience. Each box is aimed at highlighting different French companies in an eco-friendly manner in order to answer a cultural curiosity of its subscribers. Each product is guaranteed to be of a certain quality, promising vintage items with just touch of the French madness!


At the moment there’s only one box subscription for you to choose from, which is La box Quejadore - Paris. One thing that is worth bearing in mind is that the company sends through a different box for each time of the year, so you’ll get items that match a theme. From September to October you’ll receive an Indian Summer themed box, mixing the sunshine of summer with the start of the leaves turning for autumn. In November and December, your box will take on more of a Wintery feel with items that make you think of hot chocolate and a warm duvet.

You don’t get to choose any of those things, of course, as they’re sent out automatically depending on the time of the year that the box is getting delivered. But it’s at least good to know that your items will be themed and will change from one delivery to the next, so you’ll get constant slices of Paris in a way that will both excite and thrill.


Previous boxes have contained items such as sunglasses by Marc Labat, mango nourishing lipstick made by Créabio, sun care hair & body cleanser from Avida, a Marc Labat fish-shaped hair clip, an EP from French musician and film actor, Jeremy Kapone, and a Hydro Demaquillage from Glov.