Geek Subscription Boxes

We all have that friend – the geeky one that likes to go to Comic Con and is obsessed with Star Wars. This is the perfect gift for him or her. Filled to the brim with comics, superheroes, movie villains, anime, sci fi, a geek box makes a perfect gift for the geek in your life or maybe even for the geek in you!

Top Geek & Gamer Subscription Services


The ever popular Zavvi has introduced a monthly ‘geek box’ called the Zbox filled with your favourite geeky interests. From Star Wars to Marvel comics to zombies, the Zbox is perfect for the beloved geek in your family. The box tends to follow some sort of theme with past themes including anti-heroes, ghosts & ghouls, and retro gaming just to name a few.


Loot Crate is the ultimate geek subscription box for collectibles, apparel and gear. Choose from an anime box, gaming box, a geek box for your pet, or even specific boxes dedicated to Firefly, Star Wars, and Call of Duty. Examples of items you will receive include nerdy t-shirts, POP! vinyls, and collectibles from things like Game of Thrones or Space Invaders.

My Geek Box
My Geek Box

My Geek Box offers a monthly subscription for nerds for all ages. The company has one for the older geeks that comes with t-shirts, collectibles, and old-school items, such as Pez dispensers, as well as a box for the kiddos that come with cuddly toys and the latest things of interest, like Frozen. They also offer a Pop! in the box subscription, which comes with both a Pop! vinyl and a t-shirt, which tend to follow some sort of theme.

Pop in a Box
Pop in a Box

Pop in a Box offers a monthly subscription of your favourite Funko Pop! vinyls, guaranteeing no duplicates or pops you don't want so you can complete your collection to your satisfaction. Additionally, the subscription allows you to choose anywhere between 1 pop to 12 pops a month and with a collection of over 1000 pops to choose from, you can pop til you drop!

Super Loot
SUPER LOOT - closed

Super Loot is another geek and gamer subscription box that sends out 5-7 mystery geek items each month like t-shirts, Pop! vinyls, Hogwarts pins, Games of Thrones themed items, and more. They also do a comics subscription with the option to receive 16 or 32 comics. Lastly, the company does a sweets and candy box, offering a great selection of interesting sweets from around the world, including crisps you can't get in the UK.


More Boxes

Infinity Crates
Infinity Crates - closed

Infinity Crates provides monthly geek and gaming collectibles, tshirts, and accessories. Each crate follows a general theme with option to subscribe to a classic crate, a premium crate, a kids crate, or a t-shirt only.


Which Companies Offer Geek Boxes?

’Geek’ is a funny word, isn’t it? To most it’s used in a derogatory fashion to suggest that person being described is somehow ‘nerdy’ or ‘a bit sad’. Yet plenty of people would happily describe themselves as a ‘geek’ over certain things and one of the most popular TV shows in the world right now is Game Of Thrones, a programme that is basically Dungeons & Dragons on acid. Little wonder, then, that there are a number of companies offering subscription boxes for self-confessed geeks.

One of the main companies that do just that is Zavvi, with the entertainment provider having dominated the market for some time thanks to their box that contains goodies from films such as Star Wars and the Marvel Universe.

They’re not the only company trying to get a slice of the geeky market, though, as My Geek Box promises all of the latest geek gear and LootCrate appeals to those members of society who consider themselves to be ‘gamers’ or who enjoy getting various collectibles. Pop in a Box does pretty much what it says on the tin, sending you various ‘Pops’ on a monthly basis. Super Loot and Infinity Crates are the other two companies trying to make some ground up in this not yet saturated corner of the marketplace.

What Comes Included?

As with most subscription box services the different companies involved target different demographics and therefore offer different things. What you can almost certainly expect, however, is a mix of memorabilia and collectables from the most popular ‘geeky’ TV shows and games that are out right now. T-shirts, games, toys or sweets and chocolates with a nerdy theme are all par for the course.

Some of the companies offer themed boxes that you can choose from, such as a ‘kids’ box or a ‘premium’ offering. Others pick a theme each month and base the box they send out around that theme. You’ll get a varied number of items with most subscription box services, so it’s unlikely to be a case of a box turning up with just one thing in it that you’re not that interested in.

For the numbers of products you're receiving in each box, £20 is a steal with many boxes claiming a retail value of £40 or more if you were to go out and buy those items individually from the high street. I suppose if you don't like all of the items and you wouldn't have necessarily gone out of your way to buy those, then you'll have to take that into account, but overall, these tend to be a great deal if you generally like what you're receiving.