Pop in a Box

Pop in a Box

POP! is a line of collectable toys designed by the company Funko. They are made in a deformed style that is similar in nature to the Japanese chibi style. Pop in a Box is a company that offers POP! toys on a monthly basis through their subscription service.

The very nature of the toy means there is a specific market that they are targeted at. They are weird, kooky and interesting looking, so you’re unlikely to have been given one by accident! If you have, though, and you want to start growing your POP! collection then this is the right place to turn.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Mystery subscription of Funko's Pop! vinyls.
How often does it come? Monthly
Sent from UK
Website www.popinabox.co.uk

How Does It Work?

Subscription box services all work in a vaguely similar way: You sign up to your selected company, pay them a set amount of money regularly and in return you receive goods in a timely and repetitive manner. Pop in a Box is no different with the goods you receive being a POP! vinyl toy. You opt in to receive your POP! and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

The billing date for your Pop in a Box subscription is the first of every month with your box then being sent out between three and fourteen days later. You can let the company know what sort of POP! it is that you’re after, so if they can’t find one that meets your criteria then your subscription is automatically paused until they can source a suitable one for you.

What Do You Get?

You get at least one POP! straight to your door every month, depending on how many you have signed up for. Because the whole nature of the POP! phenomenon is that it is a collectable thing, though, it’s a little bit more complex that. The company have a system to ensure you only get POP! vinyls that you don’t already have in your collection.

As part of your account you have a Funko POP! checklist that you can go through and fill in. You tell Pop in a Box which POP! vinyls you have already got and they ensure that you’ll never be sent a POP! that you already own. Not only that, but Pop in a Box are keen to make sure that you don’t end up with a POP! that you’re not that keen on, so you can also ‘thumbs down’ the various POP! vinyls that don’t tickle your fancy and you’ll never get sent one of them, either.

The beauty of the Pop in a Box system is that the company uses a computer algorithm to analyse which POP!s you’ve already got and which ones you don’t want. It then matches you with the best POP! vinyls in it system and, even though each month features a surprise POP!, you’ll hopefully get one that you love every single time.


You can’t really choose specific POP! vinyls that you’d like to receive, but you can order more than one POP! to be delivered each month. You opt in for the amount of POP! vinyls that you want and you get sent the corresponding amount. As there are over 1000 in production from Funko it will take a while before you complete your collection, even if you opt for Pop in a Box’s 12 POP!s a month option.

Funko have recently begun releasing a series of spin-offs called Dorbz, Reaction, Vinyl Vixens, Vinyl Idolz and Mopeez, too. These are also available via Pop in a Box, but you have to actively ‘opt in’ to receive them. You do this by going through the online checklist and putting a ‘thumbs up’ next to them to let the company know that you want them.


There are, as we have said, over 1000 POP!s available on the market, so the examples are almost endless. The company specialises in making POP! vinyls from pop-culture things, so you can get Leela and Bender from Futurama!, for example. There are different Family Guy POP!s, including numerous types of Stewies. Mutley, Charlie Brown and Mickey Mouse are all things you might recognise from your childhood that have been turned into POP! vinyls.