My Geek Box

My Geek Box

My Geek Box is, as the name suggests, another subscription box service for the ‘geek’ market. They send through geeky gear including collectibles, clothes and general gear that you will be a fan of if you’re the sort of person that enjoys comics and their derivatives.

The company doesn’t just do boxes for grown-up geeks, though. There’s also a box for geeky kids with stuff that’s aimed at a younger audience. If you’re a fan of the POP! vinyls that have taken the market by storm then you might want to have a look at the POP! And A Top box.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Mystery goodies and gifts for geeks and nerds for all ages, including a box dedicated to Funko's Pop! vinyls.
How often does it come? Monthly
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How Does It Work?

As is the case with pretty much all subscription box services, you sign up for a set length of time and My Geek Box send you a box filled with hand-picked geeky goodies. The process is simple, really. You sign up and during the signing up procedure, you tell the company your t-shirt size. They then dig through all of the items they have available and send them to you in order to let you ‘geek-out’ and enjoy yourself.

What Do You Get?

One of the company’s unique selling points is that they love to send you t-shirts. Every box contains a t-shirt, as well as a host of other mystery gifts. The boxes tend to have a theme, such as ‘zombies’, ‘superheroes’, ‘video games’ or something based around the latest popular film or TV show.

It’s not just the theme that alters from one month to the next. The contents of the box also differs on a regular basis. Obviously, you don’t get the same things each month, but you also don’t get the same *sort* of things either. Maybe one month you’ll get a t-shirt, socks and a comic book, whilst the next it might be a t-shirt, a mug, and a keyring. They only thing every box has in common is the ‘geekiness’ of its contents.

Each box contains between five and eight items, so even if you don’t love the first thing you pull out of the box you’re almost certainly going to be pleased with something. The key thing is, though, the t-shirts. If you like cool and interesting t-shirts that aren’t going to be readily available in the shops then this subscription will suit you to a T (shirt).


My Geek Box offers three main boxes from which to choose, including the standard geek box with the usual geek and gamer gear, a Pop and a Top, which includes a Pop! vinyl and a t-shirt, as well as a box dedicated for kids aged 5 to 11.

My Geek Box
My Geek Box

The most popular and common is the main My Geek Box subscription. That will see you receive great collectibles and wearables from right across the ‘geek’ range. From DVDs/Blu-Rays through to comics, mugs and even Pez dispensers, there are plenty of different gifts that will suit young-at-heart adults perfectly.

Pop and a Top
Pop and a Top

Next up is the POP! and a Top subscription. It’s much easier to let you know what you should expect to receive in this box. You’ll get a t-shirt that fits in with the monthly theme and a POP! vinyl doll from the company Funko every single month. The company also upgrades random boxes to a ‘mega box’ each month, so you could get lucky. These boxes contain a hoodie and exclusive POP! Vinyls, such as POP! Rides.

My Geek Box Kids
My Geek Box Kids

The final option for you to choose is the My Geek Box Kids. This is filled with mystery gifts for both girls and boys aged between 5 and 11. The very nature of the box and the target audience means that the goodies inside the box are entertaining and, where possible, educational. This includes books, merchandise and toys from all of the biggest franchises around.



Previous My Geek Box Kids boxes have included Captain America cuddly toys, Star Wars Rebels clue solving books, Minecraft cards, Batman lunch boxes and Frozen gifts. The adult variation of the My Geek Box has contained Batman Pez dispensers, astronaut food, Back To The Future t-shirts, Star Wars collective dolls and more. As for the POP! in a Box option, there are over 1000 POP! vinyls in production, with themes as diverse as Family Guy, Game Of Thrones and Spiderman. You’ll get one of them and a t-shirt that matches the theme.