Super Loot - Closed


Though Super Loot is technically aimed at ‘geeks and gamers’, pretty much everybody is likely to find something that they like inside the subscription box when it arrives through their door. After all, isn’t everyone a little bit geeky deep down? The growing popularity of TV shows like Game Of Thrones (Dungeons & Dragons with added nudity and sex) and films franchises like The Avengers suggests that we most certainly are.

The team behind Super Loot want you to embrace your inner geek and find a subscription box that suits your personality. There are three different options to choose from and there’s an ever-growing online community ready to talk all about the contents of the box with you. The goodies are cherry-picked to ensure you’re never disappointed, so it’s got to be worth a go if you think your inner-nerd deserves a treat or two.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Comics, sweets/candies, or mystery geek goodies
How often does it come? Monthly
Sent from UK
Options Choose between a geek box, a candy box, and a comic box

How Does It Work?

The first thing to do is to have a look at the different subscription options and choose the one that’s right for you. You then choose how long you’d like to take out a subscription for, pick a t-shirt size and wait for your box to be delivered. The subscription will carry on for as long as you want it and you’ll pay a regular amount of money until you decide otherwise. It’s that simple.

What Do You Get?

Each box is filled with surprises for the nerd in you. Exactly what you get will differ depending on which subscription you opt for, but obviously the clue is in the ‘geek and gamer gear’ tagline that the company uses. The ‘gear’ that you’ll get will have tie-ins with some of the biggest franchises and shows in the business. You’ll get memorabilia and miscellany from the best games, sci-fi, films and comic books on the market.

Comic Box

If you opt for the Comic Box then you can expect to receive plenty of comics and graphic novels. They’ll be a heady mix of blasts from the past and retro items along with modern takes on the genre and more niche selections for the discerning comic book lover. Choose between 16 a month or 32.

Candy Box

There’s also a Candy Box that, as the name suggests, is filled with candy from around the world. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and like to indulge it with the weird, quirky and unusual then this box is for you. There’s usually about £35 worth of stuff in the box so it’s not to be sniffed at!

Mystery Geek Box

The main Mystery Geek Box contains between five and seven treats, such as gadgets, toys and more. From limited edition goodies through to collectable items, there’ll be something every month that tickles your fancy. Superheroes, franchise films, nerdy clothing and geeky accessories are all covered by this box, so they’re well worth considering if you’re the sort of person that gets excited when unpacking a box filled with mysterious items from a particularly exciting world.



There are three options worthy of your consideration, as we’ve mentioned above. The main one that will catch the eye of most people who love ‘generic’ gifts from within the geeky-genre is The Mystery Geek Box. There is the option to put your t-shirt size in when you order this crate, so it’s a far guess that you’ll get a t-shirt every now and again meaning that it’s not just gifts and toys that you’ll get in this box.

The Candy Box really is quite self-explanatory with chocolates and sweets from America and the rest of the world delivered to you on a monthly basis. The Comic Box is also reasonably self-explanatory, though you can choose whether you’d like to get sixteen or thirty-two comics every month. Obviously, your decision on that front will largely come down to how much of an avid comic reader you are.


Previous Comic Boxes have contained classics like Spiderman and Superman, as well as more modern takes on the genre such as Watchmen. Mystery Geek Boxes have featured things like a mini-Thor’s hammer key ring, a Space Invaders t-shirt, a Hogwarts pin, a Batman mask, a Hershey’s chocolate bar, and a POP! vinyl character. The Candy Box has been known to contain Candy Crush themed Jelly Fish, Hello Panda sweets, an R2D2 candy container, Cheetos, Wonka Sweet Tarts, and more.