Loot Crate

Loot Crate

Loot Crate is part of the burgeoning subscription box sector that offers regular gifts and collectables to members of the self-professed ‘geek’ fraternity. The crates contain ‘loot’ from the world of geekery and gaming, delivered to your door on a regular basis.

The company has deals in place with some of the best known partners in the ‘geek’ world. Whether it be DC Comics, Marvel Comics, the Fallout games or the company behind Halo, if you’re the sort of person that enjoys reading comics or watching films with a specific genre to them then this is the service for you.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Mystery geek and gamer gear, including apparel and collectibles.
How often does it come? Monthly
Sent from US
Options Other options include boxes dedicated to: Sanrio, Halo, Mine Chest, Fallout, Call of Duty WWII, Harry Potter, Firefly, WWE (Wrestling), Marvel, Stranger Things, Star Trek, and apparel crates for socks, underwear, tees & wearables 
Website www.lootcrate.com

How Does It Work?

Subscription services are all the rage at the moment largely because of their simplicity. You pay a set amount of money in return for the delivery of items based around a certain theme. In the case of Loot Crate that theme is ‘gear for geeks and gamers’, so you know exactly the sort of thing you can expect to receive.

The company has a number of different types of crate available, so you subscribe to the one or ones that you want and the company then puts together a box full of stuff that they think you’d like. Once that’s done they send it through to you and you get to enjoy it - it’s that simple. You can also unsubscribe at any time, so you’re not locked into a lengthy contract.

What Do You Get?

The whole point of Loot Crate is that you receive varied and interesting things that you’re unlikely to be able to get from anywhere else. The form that these ‘collectables’ takes changes from month to month, depending on what the company has been able to get hold of. 

There are certain things that tend to crop up on a regular basis, however. Toys and the like are quite common things to be sent through, normally with a theme based around whichever pop culture film or TV show is in the cinema or on television at the time that the box is being sent out. 

Amongst more specific boxes that feature Firefly and Halo, the main Loot boxes can be broken down as follows:

Loot Crate
Loot Crate

With the standard Loot Crate box you’ll receive 4-6 items, including t-shirts, beanie hats, comic books, film memorabilia, and more. The items tend to have a retail value of over $50 at least.

Loot Crate DX
Loot Crate DX

Described as the box for the "Pop Culture Connoisseur" the Loot Crate DX is a serious box for serious geeks, containing 4-6 items of gear, apparel, and collectibles with a retail value of over $100.

Loot Anime
Loot Anime

There is a Loot Anime box that you can sign up for that will see you receive collectibles from the world of anime and manga, including licensed and exclusive gear with a retail value of over $60. 

Loot Gaming
Loot Gaming

The Loot Gaming box works along the same lines, but you’ll get things that are themed around video game franchises with a retail value over $60. Figurines, collectibles, and gear all come included with a gaming theme.



There are a number of different options across the board when it comes to Loot Crate’s offerings. The standard Loot Crate contains mystery geek stuff and gaming gear, whilst Loot Crate DX contains Premium exclusive collectables as well as apparel. The Level Up box is all about the wearables, from socks and underwear to t-shirts and jumpers. Loot Anime contains up to six items from anime and manga collectables and gear, whilst Loot Gaming promises things like games and clothes from the video game world. As mentioned above, the Firefly crate is arguably the most exclusive and specific of the crates as it is aimed squarely at fans of the Firefly TV series. There are also exclusive crates for things like Star Wars and Call Of Duty.

The other way you get ‘options’ with the crates is how many you sign up for. Perhaps you want some treats for yourself, as well as something for your pet, so you can get yourself both. You can also sign up for different periods of time, from one month to a year long contract. This reduces the amount you pay monthly the longer you sign up for.


Previous Loot Crate items include Deadpool toys, POP! vinyls from the likes of Star Wars and Guardians Of The Galaxy, Halo collectibles, Power Rangers t-shirts and a DareDevil beanie. The Loot Crate DX has contained Iron Man gifts, a Captain America hat, Game Of Thrones gifts and other items. The Loot Pet box has had things like a Firefly drinking bowl, a Space Invaders lead and ‘Night Of The Living Chimichangas’ dog treats.