Meat & Cheese Subscription Boxes

If you like meat and you like cheese then you've come to the right page. Below we list some of the top meat subscription boxes on the market, including both charcuterie with cured meats, like salami and chorizo, as well as fresh meat boxes, where you can find organic meat produced from local UK farms or even the ingredients to make an entire roast dinner with the freshest meat on the market. In addition, we list the top cheese boxes hand-crafted right here in the UK and even cheese imported from French artisans for a gourmet selection of monthly cheeses.

Top Meat & Cheese Subscription Boxes


Abel & Cole do a whole range of meat boxes, including fresh cuts of meat and fish. These vary from simple boxes of meat items for the BBQ, such as sausages, burgers, and chicken wings, to a selection of the freshest seasonal fish, to a whole roast box, which includes a chicken that feeds 4 people and all the essential ingredients to make a roast dinner.

Les Nouveaux Fromagers

If you love French cheese, this is your subscription box. Les Nouveaux Fromagers sends a monthly box containing 600-800g of different types of cheeses from France for you to try, usually following some sort of theme. The cheese comes with information on which wine to best enjoy with your selection and also tasting notes and a bit about where each came from.

Pong Cheese

Sourced from independent and artisan producers in the UK, including the great European classics, Pong sends out a monthly box of cheese to cheese lovers across Britain. The box generally contains a variety of different types of cheeses, including a hard cheese, a washed rind cheese, a semi-soft cheese or goats cheese.



Field and Flower

Field & Flower sends high-quality farm meat with totally customisable boxes which can be filled with various meats, fish, cheese, & even condiments.

Coombe Farm Organic

The Organic Butchery delivers meat boxes that include quality cuts of meat directly from their farm in Somerset. Choose between steak boxes, broth boxes and more.

Cannon & Cannon

Cannon & Cannon, formerly known as Carnivore Club offers a selection of British charcuterie straight to your door.

Cure & Simple
Cure & Simple - Closed

Cure & Simple sends you delicious bacon straight through your letterbox once a week, once a fortnight, or once a month.

Gourmet Meat Club
Gourmet Meat Club - closed

The Gourmet Meat Club is a monthly subscription service that offers high-quality meats free-range, grass-fed, and also locally sourced from Britain.

Swillington Organic Farm
Swillington Organic Farm - Closed

Swillington Organic Farm does a monthly meat box that includes great cuts of fresh, organic meat, such as chicken, beef, sausages, etc. straight from their local farm.


Which Companies Offer Meat & Cheese Boxes?

Does anyone not love meat and cheese?! The obvious answer is ‘yes’: vegetarians, vegans and those with a dairy intolerance. Other than that, though, surely everyone is a fan of some gorgeous meats and delicious cheeses? If you’re one of those people that enjoys a good sausage, a well-cooked steak or a smelly bit of fromage then you’ll want to know what your options are on the subscription box front and we’ve got the answer to that question.

These boxes aren’t just about sending you any old meat or cheese, either. This isn’t the sort of thing you’ll be able to find in your local supermarket. This is about top-quality meat from artisan producers and local British farms or stunning French cheeses imported especially for you. These boxes are designed to give you a taste of the culinary high-life.

Companies such as the Carnivore Club deliver exactly what you’d expect with a name like that. Others, like Abel & Cole, aren’t necessarily specifically meat-based companies but deliver a wide-range of goods, which includes meat. Les Nouveaux Fromagers are French cheese specialists, whilst Pong Cheese concentrates on sourcing independent British cheeses. Whatever it is that you like to eat there’s bound to be a company that can serve your needs.

What Comes Included?

The different companies promise different goods and within that bracket the companies themselves will have their own breakdown of options. The Carnivore Club, for example, is all about selections of different meats such as chorizo, salami and charcuterie selections. Abel & Cole tend to target the crowd that want meat for a specific reason like a BBQ or a roast dinner, whilst Cure & Simple only sell bacon.

Swillington Organic Farm offers a monthly meat box of, as you’ve probably guessed from the company’s name, organic produce. Similarly the Gourmet Meat Club promises high-quality free-range meat from British farms. We’ve already told you about the French cheese from Les Nouveaux Fromagers and the produce supplied by Pong Cheese, but Field & Flower is a company to consider if you’re after both meats and cheeses from the same place.