Cannon & Cannon (Carnivore Club) - Closed


There are some people that don’t eat meat. This subscription box service is most definitely not for them. This is aimed squarely at the desires of discerning carnivores who want to try as many different meats as they possibly can on a regular basis. It’s for people who love meat, meat, and more meat.

The idea for Carnivore Club actually started on the other side of the Atlantic, with Canadians and Americans clearly a bit more clued in to the meat-eating world than us Brits. It didn’t take long for it to head over the Pond, though, and you can now get the best of British butchers delivered to your door regularly.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? A selection of hand-crafted cured meats from local artisans
How often does it come? Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly
Sent from UK

How Does It Work?

As is the case with pretty much any type of regular subscription, you sign up to the Carnivore Club for a selected length of time, pay a given amount of money, and in return receive hand crafted artisanal meats delivered to your door on a regular basis until you decide you no longer want to get them.

What Do You Get?

Meat. You get loads of different meat. Chorizo, salami, charcuterie; you name it and there’s a very good chance that you might well receive it. It’s all about cured meats that have been handcrafted by select artisans from around the country. This is the work of Britain’s butchers, a near forgotten trade in the day and age of the pre-packed supermarket meat.

Every month the boxes are themed around a featured producer, so you’ll know exactly where your meat has come from and what to expect from the treats in your box. There are between four and six charcuteries in each selection, with all of them having been carefully and laboriously crafted by experts in the field. You also get a meat-eater’s handbook, telling you about the meat, as well as giving you info on the people who put the box together and their pairing recommendations.

The whole point of the Carnivore Club is to introduce you to artisans that take pleasure in their craft. Consequently the meats that you are sent will have been ethically treated, humanely slaughtered, and reared using locally sourced ingredients. You get to satisfy your inner meat-eater, but not at the expense of sustainability in the market. A perfect combination.


There are two different options as far as your subscription to the Carnivore Club is concerned. The most basic thing to do is the try the club out for one month only with no commitment to carry on your ‘membership’ after the month is over. Alternatively, you can take out a ‘Premier Membership’ that can see meat delivered to your door on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

You don’t get to specify what is in your box or choose from a list of potential contents. What you can do is buy the box as a gift for someone else, with the company also offering one-off boxes for special occasions, such as Father’s Day, every now and again.


As if always the case with such subscriptions, every month is different. Previous offerings have included boxes put together by Deli Farms Charcuterie with the husband and wife team of Martin and Jean sending you sliced coppa, devil’s poker salami, spicy chorizo, garlic salami, pancetta and coppa chips. Another selection was chosen by Great Glen Charcuterie with venison and pork chorizo, green peppercorn venison salami, chilli venison chorizo, venison bresaola and venison pork salami. Venison obviously featured heavily in that box, so do bear that in mind if you’re not a fan of specific meats.