Wine & Champagne Subscription Boxes

If you're interested in trying new wines and learning about the different regions and methods of wine-making around the globe, a wine subscription box is the perfect way to do this. Each subscription service offers its own unique service with many focussed on learning about the different grape varieties, how to pair food with wine, as well as the wine making process.

Sip & Learn, for example, is a 12-month tasting journey starting with the basics and leading up to more complex flavours. During the first 6 months, the company sends out contrasting bottles to show the basic difference of processing styles, such as oaked versus unoaked or wines from a cooler climate versus wines from a warmer climate. In the second six months, they introduce grape varieties so you can compare how these varieties differ by region and country.

top wine subscription boxes


My Vitibox sends you two bottles of wine each month with tasting notes by Alain Gousse with the option to purchase more of the same at 15% off. There are two main box options, one of which includes two bottles of different wine varieties, varying from rosé to reds and another that focuses solely on red wine.

VINOA - closed

Vinoa allows subscribers to taste test 6 small bottles of wine each month, which each contain the equivalent wine to a large glass of wine. The company also gives you the option to sign up to a red only subscription, white wine only, or a mixed selection of both whites and reds. The subscription also comes with tasting cards that also come with food pairing tips and advice.



The Sunday Times Wine Club

The Sunday Times Wine Club offers great deals and discounts on wine for as low as £3.99 per bottle from small vineyards around the world that you just cannot source in your local market.


The ever-popular Laithwaite's Wine merchants offers a series of wine plans where you can receive 12 bottles of wine every 12 weeks.

The Grape Reserve

The Grape Reserve is a subscription for lovers of 'Old World' wine. Each box comes with two bottles from European vineyards, along with tasting notes.

Bubble Club
BUBBLE CLUB - closed

Bubble Club is an awesome new subscription box that offers a monthly subscription of Champagne, Cava, Prosecco and other sparkling wine through the post. The box includes two bottles of bubbles along with gourmet treats.

Sip & Learn
Sip & Learn - closed

Sip & Learn is a wine subscription service that sends out 2 bottles of wine each month along with tasting notes and information about the wine.

The Grape Club
The Grape Club - closed

The Grape Club allows you to try affordable, high quality wine each month and comes with tasting notes and food pairing suggestions.


Which Companies Offer Wine Boxes?

Everybody has a favourite grape, but the beauty of wine is in trying new and interesting varieties. It’s surprising, then, that there isn’t a standout company when it comes to wine box subscription services. Perhaps it’s because the notion of a ‘wine box’ makes you think of the cardboard box containing cheap wine you might have been forced to drink at parties in the past.

Whatever the reason, there are just four notable companies who offer wine subscriptions. My Vitibox sends you a couple of bottle of wine along with tasting notes, so you’ve got a chance to pretend you know what it is that you’re drinking. Sip & Learn is not dissimilar in that, as the name suggests, it wants you to develop into something of a wine connoisseur by learning as you drink.

The Grape Club is all about the high-end wines, letting you try decent but affordable vintages on a monthly basis. Finally, Vinoa promises to introduce you to artisan wines, meaning you’ll get more bottles of wines you’ll probably never have heard of, rather than less ‘posh’ wines for your money.

What Comes Included?

There’s no messing about with the wine subscription services. They know what they’re good at and they know what you want, so they deliver it. Expect a couple of bottles of wine along with tasting information. Read the card, smell the wine, drink the wine, then recite what you read on the card so you can sound knowledgeable.

Some of the companies want to help you take your wine drinking experience that little bit further, so they offer that little bit more. You’ll get information about the wines as well as, in some instances, suggestions of what foods will go well with the wine. In the case of Vinoa, because they are introducing you to lesser known wines, you’ll get detailed information on the region the grape is from, as well as the vineyards themselves.