Chocolate & Candy Subscription Boxes

Chocolate subscription boxes come in a variety of forms with many companies allowing you to indicate the base of chocolate you'd like to receive, such as milk, dark, or white chocolate, and then adding additional flavours to keep things interesting. With each company promising a monthly selection of chocolates for around the £20 mark, they are all pretty equally matched in terms of price, but the selections are completely different with some sending a box of chocolates and others sending bars.

Top Chocolate & candy Subscription boxes

Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club

Fancy a box of chocolates sent to your door each month? The famous Hotel Chocolat offers a monthly chocolate subscription with options that include a mixed variety, booze-inspired, alcohol-free, or high cocoa content packed with flavour. Users can sign up to a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription or send it as a gift.

Taffy Mail

Taffy Mail sends out a monthly box of surprise American sweets with their 'Extra' box including up to 20 items, which incorporates both an American soda, as well as a premium item. Whilst the box mostly contains sweet items, such as Hershey's, York, Milk Duds, Fun Dip, Dots and Nerds, you might also find a few savoury treats, such as buffalo wing-flavoured Snyder's pretzel pieces or Lays Stax.

Montezuma’s Real Chocolate Club
Montezuma’s Real Chocolate Club - Closed

Chocolate lovers, get excited. Montezuma’s Real Chocolate Club offers monthly deliveries of chocolates straight to your door. The delivery will include 600 grams of either milk, dark, or white award-winning British chocolate plain or mixed with various treats, such as almonds or chili.


More Chocolate

Cocoa Runners

Cocoa Runners offer subscriptions of chocolate with 4 craft chocolate bars from around the world with tasting notes included in each box.


Sweets & Candy

The Sweet Club

The sweet club is a monthly subscription of candy with 800g in every box where you can either choose the specific candy you want or get a random box.

Candy Japan

Candy Japan sends you unique candy and snacks from Japan twice a month with free shipping to the UK.

Sweet Drop
Sweet Drop - closed

For under four quid a week you can receive sweets to your home or office on a weekly basis, selecting the varieties you love the most.


Which Companies Offer Chocolate & Candy Boxes?

Hotel Chocolat is arguably one of the most well-known high-end chocolate shops on the market, so it’s no surprise that they also offer a decent subscription service. Montezuma is one of the other high-profile companies offering a decent subscription box, though these are by no means the only two available to you.

Cocoa Runners promise you exciting and tasty boxes from around the world, complete with tasting notes to make you feel like you really know what you’re talking about and you’re not just satisfying your sweet tooth. Whilst they round-off the chocolate options, the sweet boxes haven’t even got started yet.

The Sweet Club offers exactly what you’d expect from that name, with Sweet Drop also delivering a decent set of what the Americans would call ‘candy’ for not much money at all. Taffy Mail don’t just send you what the Americans would call ‘candy’, they send you American candy and are the only UK subscription service to do just that. Finally, Candy Japan promise weird and wonderful sweety selections all the way from the land of the rising sun.

What Comes Included?

It’s pretty obvious really, but you’ll get chocolate in your chocolate boxes and sweets in your sweet boxes. The thing you’ll probably be most intrigued to know about with the chocolate box is the form the chocolate comes in, but that varies from company to company. With some of them you’ll get full size chocolate bars and with others you’ll get individual pieces. You can tell the companies whether you prefer milk, dark or white chocolate, so don’t be worried about getting something you don’t like.

Whilst the chocolate boxes will pretty much never contain sweets, the sweet boxes might sometimes contain some chocolate. If you’ve got a sweet tooth but don’t mind what you’re eating then these may be best for you. From gobstoppers to dipping candy via sherbet and salt water taffy, there are loads of different things you can look forward to getting if you opt for random selections or you can be more specific if you’re quite a fussy person.