Les Nouveaux Fromagers


Les Nouveaux Fromagers want to introduce you to their friends: Cheeses. They want to help cheese lovers find new delights to enjoy and they’re keen to move the less initiated away from standard fare, such as Cheddar and Red Leicester.

They work with local producers to find the very best unpasteurised cheeses available, delivering them straight to your door in specially designed refrigerated packages that maintain the freshness of the cheese. You’ll get quality cheeses every single month that you want them.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? A selection of unpasteurised cheeses
How often does it come? Monthly
Sent from France
Website www.lesnouveauxfromagers.co.uk

How Does It Work?

If you don’t know how subscription services work, then here’s a quick overview: You sign up to receive something on a regular basis up until your subscription runs out or you decide you no longer want to receive stuff. You pay money regularly and the goodies arrive at your house just as regularly. In this case the ‘goodies’ you receive are boxes filled with cheese.

What Do You Get?

Well, as silly as it may sound, you get cheese. Not just any cheese, of course. This isn’t about getting cheap spreadable cheeses like you could pick up from the supermarket. You get specifically selected unpasteurised cheeses chosen from the best local producers around.

Amount-wise you get send four different cheeses with a combined weight of between 600 and 800 grams. You also get a ‘tasting notebook’ that tells you all about the different cheeses, such as where they are from and the production method used to make them.

Much like if you went to a cheesemonger for your cheese, the items are delicately and traditionally packed to make sure that they arrive nice and fresh. If there are particularly delicate cheeses in your box then they will be vacuum packed to ensure they’re in the best possible state when they reach you. In other words, you not only get cheeses as part of your subscription but the cheeses you get are as well preserved as they can be.


As far as your options from Les Nouveaux Fromagers are concerned it’s mostly about how long you’d like to subscribe for. The company offers a no commitment, cancel at any time one-month rolling contract, a three-month deal, a six-month subscription or a twelve-month option. You can also ‘gift’ the subscription to someone else, should you be in a generous mood.

There’s no real ability to select different cheeses in advance. The whole nature of the project is that you receive ‘surprise’ cheeses so that you can try ones you might not have tasted before. That said, you can tell the company if there are any specific cheeses that you really don’t like and don’t want to receive and they will then do their best to accommodate your desires.


Each month offers a different set of cheeses, often with a theme. In December 2015, for example, Les Nouveaux Fromagers sent through their ‘Time for Bubbles’ selection, based around the notion of pairing cheeses with champagne. There was a Saint-Félicien, a Saint-Faron, a Langres, and a Citeaux.

Moving forward to May 2016 and the theme had changed to ‘Cheeses in the Movies’ to celebrate the Cannes film festival. There was a Bonde Cendrée goat milk cheese, a Deauville, a Titounet and a Tomme Marguerite. Numerous different fromageries were used with producers from all over offering their cheeses for you to taste and enjoy.