Flavourly - Closed

FlavourlyFor those into craft beer, check out Flavourly's Craft Beer Club complete with 10 carefully curated brews from small-batch breweries each month, as well as tasting notes all of which are delivered to your door by Royal Mail in careful packaging. 

Flavourly even lets you fill out a tasting profile so you will only receive the types of beer you would normally drink. This includes a lighter beer box, a darker beer box, or a mixed box, which includes all sorts of varieties. The beers that come tend to be pretty unique and ones that you would not be able to source from your local supermarket. 

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? 10 craft small-batch beers
How often does it come? Once per month
Sent from UK
Options Choice of light beers, dark beers, or a mixed case

How Does It Work?

The basic premise of all subscription boxes is the same: You pay a monthly fee and in return you receive certain goods. For Flavourly, the same thing is true – you’ll receive a box with beer each month or less frequently if you are going to be away on holiday or still need to catch up on last month's supply.

The best thing about Flavourly is that the company has links with independent and small batch breweries to ensure you’re getting unique products that you simply cannot find in the local supermarket.

What Do You Get?

The craft beer box comes with 10 carefully selected brews. You are given the option of selecting which type of box you think is for you: The Light Box, for example, will feature some light beers, such as blondes, pale ales, imperial IPAs and red ales. If you like your beer darker then the aptly named Dark Box will be right up your alley, giving you things like scotch ales, porters and imperial stouts. If it all sounds good, then opt for the Mixed Box – a nice selection of all of the above.


You don’t have to stick to a monthly plan if you don’t want to. If you find that you have plenty of booze left over at the end of each month then you can change your delivery frequency. You only get charged for the boxes you get delivered, not a monthly fee.


The craft beer box features 10 craft beers with tasting notes. Previous beers the company has sent out include Amber Ale made by Fourpure, Radical Road made by Stewart, and Brown Ale made by Hiver. As you might expect from a company that specialises in ‘off the beaten track’ ales, the options tend to have an interesting twist to them, such as the Coffee Anise Porter that is made by Ticketybrew.