Bloom and Wild

Bloom & WildThe explosion of the Internet in homes around the country means that you can get virtually anything delivered straight to your door. From specialty-brewed beers through to craft boxes for the kids, you can get subscriptions for all sorts of wonderful things posted through your letterbox, including fresh flowers.

Bloom and Wild provide subscription boxes of fresh flowers, which can even be posted straight through your letterbox each month. These make excellent gifts and they last for at least 7 days, sometimes 10 days, and sometimes even longer depending on the flowers.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Fresh flowers that fit through your letterbox
How often does it come? Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly
How much? Monthly - £18 or £22 (pause or cancel at any time)
Three Months - £60 or £80
Six Months - £110 or £150
Twelve Months - £216 or £300
Do prices include postage? Yes
Sent from UK
Options Choose between the different box types (Ashley, Piper, Alice, etc.), often how you'd like to receive it (weekly, fortnightly, monthly), and whether or not you'd like a lily-free order

How Does It Work?

You can go online or use the company’s app to choose a selection of ever-changing flowers and gifts that will then be delivered by the postman straight through your letterbox. Bloom & Wild have specially designed boxes complete with in-box care methods that are made for the different individual flower arrangements that they dispatch in order to ensure that your bouquet arrives in tip top condition.

What Do You Get?

You get fresh flowers straight to your door as often as you want them. Included in the box with the flowers will also be some flower arranging instructions and an information booklet telling you all about the flora and fauna that you’ve received. The company also offers hand-tied bouquets of flowers that will normally be delivered the day after they’re ordered. Where the boxes of flowers can be delivered whether you’re in or not because the box is designed to fit through standard letterboxes, the hand-tied bouquets need someone to be in to collect them, so do bear that in mind.


Because Bloom & Wild are all about fresh flower deliveries the options they offer are numerous and plentiful. The ‘fresh’ part of the deal means that the choice you’ll be presented with will be different depending on the season. You’ll also have a huge choice of delivery options and can select how often you’d like your flowers sent out.


The Astrid is a bouquet of flowers based on Scandinavian simplicity and featuring snow-white lilies, fluffy chrysanthemums and frosted birch. The Clara was inspired by the ballet of the same name and has pure white lilies, eucalyptus and pussy willow within its bouquet. If neither of those take your fancy then how about the Lizzie? It contains pink altitude roses, alstroemeria and cream lisianthus, things that will brighten up anyone’s day!


Prices vary considerably depending on what it is that you order and how often you’d like your flowers delivered. For an on-going monthly letterbox subscription, you're looking at paying £18 per bouquet or £22 for the more premium flowers. For a three-month subscription, you'll pay £60 or £80. Six months will set you back approximately £110 or £150, and 12 monthly deliveries over the course of a year will cost you a total of £216 or £300.

Your options are to have the flowers delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly and you can have a subscription for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Alternatively, you can opt for an on-going subscription that you can choose to stop when you want. Obviously, if you opt for a weekly flower delivery throughout the year, this is going to add up quickly, so you'd be looking to pay £936 for such a regular subscription (for the cheaper box), but you'd also have fresh flowers delivered to your door every single week! Fortnightly throughout the year would reduce the price to £468 and down to £216 for a once a month delivery. Depending on the type of flower box you want to receive, the price varies. The Ashley for example is £18 on a month to month basis, whereas the Piper is £22 a month. 

Royal Mail 1st Class delivery is free with your order, but because that doesn’t allow for you to leave instructions for the postman or keep tabs on where your flowers are, you can pay extra for Royal Mail tracked delivery.