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The LoveLula Beauty Box allows recipients to try various beauty products in a sample size to see if it’s something that suits them. By having a constantly changing set of options in the beauty area, customers are able to try plenty of things without having to invest huge sums of money in each one. It’s a cost effective way to try new and exciting beauty products that you can then buy separately from the site if you like them.

LoveLula offers a Beauty Box with around five different beauty products each month varying from lip balm to nail polish to lotion to soap and much more.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Natural beauty products, including 5 items or more in each box, such as nail varnish, make-up, skin-care products, hair-care products
How often does it come? Once per month
Sent from UK

How Did It Start?

The idea behind LoveLula came about when its founder, Sonia White, gave birth and discovered that her son had childhood eczema. The medical experts were recommending regular injections of steroids, but Sonia wanted to explore the different possibilities that existed on the high street.

After visiting many of the well known stores and brands she was shocked to discover that most of the products that were labelled ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ were actually far from it. She therefore decided to start her own company that would only feature brands and products that were genuinely natural or organic.

The company she formed was called Amarya and in 2013 they bought the industry leading name LoveLula. Now as a combined enterprise they only stock products that have been tested to ensure that there are no SLS’s, no Parabens and that definitely have had no animal testing done on them.

How Does It Work?

We’ll look at the options in more detail shortly, but in essence you subscribe for whichever length of time you feel suits you best and then you receive a box of beauty products on a monthly basis.

You can pay for the product using PayPal or a valid credit or debit card. You’re not tied in to any kind of contract and the monthly subscription allows you to cancel at any time, but they do operate on a twelve monthly basis so you’ll subscribe to make twelve payments for twelve boxes; one a month.

What Do You Get?

The LoveLula boxes contain sample versions of products sold on the LoveLula website. What you receive in your box will vary from month-to-month and all subscribers will receive the same products each month.

You can see in the examples section of their website a good variation of boxes that have been sent out in the past. Typically speaking, though, you’ll get things like moisturisers, nail varnish, perfume, detox tea, balms, hand cream, toner, and so on.



Unlike some other subscription box companies, you can’t specify the sort of stuff you want from LoveLula. Everyone who subscribes in the UK will be sent the same stuff every month.

Of course you may be the sort of person that doesn’t wear nail varnish or has no need for wrinkle cream, but there are plenty of sample products in each box and the quality of the items is such that you won’t be worried about collecting up the things you don’t want and giving them as a gift to a loved one.


Here are some of the contents of boxes that have been sent out by LoveLula in the past:

Example 1: Eye serum, designed to smooth the eye area and reduce any look of fatigue; cleansing oil, gently removes any impurities and leaves the skin feeling silky and soft; a cleansing bar, which can be used for an all over cleansing and shaving bar for men and women; award winning tissue oil that improves the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles and scars; black soap, designed to offer a complete beauty package and produced using traditional African methods; a time miracle anti-ageing skincare product.

Example 2: A bath soak from Ila, giving you the company’s spa treatment in the comfort of your own home; a body lotion that is ‘heavenly scented’ and made using the purest natural oils; a purifying honey masque, hydrates and repairs using the highly thought of Manuka honey; a facial polish, made with Organic superfood Acai kernels that buffs away any imperfections; an organic serum, which reverses the effects of stress and reprogrammes the skin.