Gousto offers healthy recipes straight to your door. They want you to know that by healthy they mean nutritious but they definitely don’t mean plain! Gousto offers you a chance to cook beyond your repertoire and they aid you in reduction of wasted food.

As well as the exact ingredients you need for the meal you’re looking to cook - meaning a re-duction in the amount of food you end up throwing away - you’ll also be told the calories and cooking time of your dinner, meaning that you can make an attempt at cooking meals that are more complicated than you’re used to.

At A Glance Info
What's in the box? Healthy, inventive recipes and all of the fresh ingredients needed to make them
How often does it come? Weekly
Sent from UK
Options Choose if you'd like to receive 2, 3, or 4 recipes per week
Website www.gousto.co.uk

How Does It Work?

Like all subscription services, you sign up to Gousto and, in return, they’ll send you boxes full of the ingredients you’ll need to cook a set amount of food for a set amount of people on a weekly basis. Unlike lots of subscription services, however, you don’t get hooked into a long-term plan with Gousto. The company lets you update your ac-count as and when you need to and as long as you tell them by noon three days before your delivery is expected, you can do whatever you like.

Once you’ve opted in to the service you can choose to have your food delivered between 8am and 7pm on a Monday, a Wednesday, a Friday or a Saturday. Gousto don’t charge for delivery, but they also use an external courier so they can’t specify a time that you’re likely to receive your box.

What Do You Get?

Fresh food with instructions on how to cook it, delivered straight to your door is exactly what you get. Gousto claim that most of their recipes take 30-minutes or less to prepare and serve, meaning as well as being fresh, the ingredients you receive will also be easy to cook. They offer both complicated recipes and simple alternatives, meaning there’s really no excuse not to get yourself in front of the oven.

Gousto employ both professional chefs and nutritionists to ensure that your meals are always healthy and balanced. They will send you meat dishes, seafood choices and even veggie options. They have also got your kids in mind, so the meals will be full of all of the right sorts of vitamins and minerals as well as healthy proteins. Although they can’t cater for specific dietary requirements the company does send you a list of allergen information for each recipe, so you’ll at least know which ones to avoid.

The key thing about fresh ingredients, of course, is that they change every month depending on what’s in season. Autumn might see a delivery box filled with ingredi-ents like fennel and pumpkin, whilst spring sees rhubarb and asparagus and summer sees lovely green vegetables and fresh fruit take pride of place in your ingredients list.


You can get boxes for two or four people, though the four person choice will have enough food in it for two adults and three pre-teen children if you’re looking to feed a family. You can get two, three or four meals a week from Gousto, meaning you can turn to the company for as much or as little as you’d like.

Gousto don’t do specific boxes for meat eaters or vegetarians. Instead they offer you ten different recipes every week and you can then choose the necessary amount of dishes from that according to whether you’re getting two, three or four meals from the company.


They have celebrity chefs, such as Tom Kerridge, offering recipes from time to time as well as the selections their own chefs. How does herby pistachio chicken take your fancy? What about Asian fish nuggets? Or, if you’re not a meat or fish eater, what do you think about mushroom Stroganoff? All have been options from Gousto in the past.